Traders are eyeing a seasonality play on NKE stock. Over the last 20 years, there’s a 75% that NKE stock will end September higher than where it opened at the start of September. The average gain for NKE stock in September is +4.8%.

NKE stock seasonality pattern over the last 20 years.

Personally I don’t like trading seasonality patterns in stocks because traders tend to see what they want to see by going back a certain number of years that supports their bullish thesis. For example, if you go back the last 9 years, the chance of NKE stock closing higher that where it opened drops to 56%, basically the odds of a coin flip.

NKE stock seasonality pattern over the last 9 years.

Where NKE stock does get interesting is if you look at the 3 month period from September – November. Those 3-months taken together show that this is the strongest time of year for NKE stock no matter how far one goes back.

On the daily chart, NKE stock has already started its swing move higher.

NKE stock with a triangle pattern and the predicted price range after the breakout has already been hit.

NKE stock does not meet the minimum requirements for inclusion in the GST Portfolio. This globalist corporation works with globalist groups like the G7 to politically attack nationalist leaders like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump when they should just be focused on selling shoes and increasing shareholder value. Worse, the stock trades with a market cap of $134 billion and yet the company did just $39 billion in sales last year making the P/S ratio 3.43. However, a short-term seasonal swing trade may be setting up here that readers can profit from.

Disclosure: We do not hold any position in NKE stock.

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