A second wave surge of coronavirus cases has smashed into the U.S.

People say in the corporate mainstream media that it’s not a second wave, it’s just the first. I don’t listen to people. I warned everyone in mid-January about the coronavirus, two months before the President did. I called the coronavirus a pandemic two months before the WHO declared it as one. Waiting for others to tell me what to think or say is not helpful in stock trading as you’re always late to the front-running party. I’m a technician and I look at what the chart shows and clearly, we are getting hit with a second wave.

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This second wave is already worse than the first wave in terms of coronavirus infections.

Hospitals have a tsunami wave of infections that is going to slam them in about 2 weeks. Remember these scenes from China hospitals in December and January?

How will the U.S. avoid its hospitals from being overrun like this?

Instead of listening to medical doctors and scientists about how to avoid having our hospitals overrun with coronavirus patients like what happened in China or Italy, as much as 1/3rd of the population acts like these fools:

We know this second wave of coronavirus cases is going to be a lot worse than the first wave because too many in the population have made mask wearing a political issue. President Trump is among the worst by not even setting the example for wearing a mask in public. Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci continues to warn the public about what is coming:

It feels like the coronavirus once again has the upper-hand and eventually, everybody will fall into line as the virus kills tens-of-thousands of more Americans.

This virus and its botched handling will forever change the United States of America in ways we can’t even imagine.