Sell TTOO stock for a monster 210% win and congratulations if you made money in this monster winner.

TTO stock in the daily time frame and how we nailed a 210% win on September 26, 2019.

Most traders who brag about being intra-day or day traders are losing money or barely keeping their heads above water while we just landed a 210% winner even in this save the drama-for-your-mama trading environment.

A well-known trader recently said that he wished he could find a stock to just buy and hold but in this market it’s too hard so he only goes for short-term trades. What?! That’s not true at all. The truth is that he’s not willing to put in the hours of research every day looking for good catalysts and chart setups. Most days, my hours of research yield no results. It’s not very rewarding stuff and most people don’t want to do it. They want easy, low effort, quick gains. The only effort they want to put forth is looking at a 1-minute chart and buying either the stock or option and then quickly selling a few minutes or hours later. That type of low effort trading works in the sort of bull market we’ve been in for nearly 10 years now but don’t expect to hit big winners like this 210% win in TTOO. You may hit a big win in an option’s contract, but you’ll give a lot of it back a trade or two later.

This HuGe MoNsTeR win deserves some Ozielzinho playing the Scorpions Still Loving You:

We still love TTOO stock more than ever but the risk of a stock dilution for a small company the size of T2 Biosystems is just too high after a 200%+ run up IMO.

TTOO Stock and How We Hit This Monster Win

Good old fashion research, hard work, and familiarity with this company and the stock.

Never just trade on chart patterns. Always identify the catalyst that you believe will continue to power a stock higher. When the market overreacts to the downside because of broader market conditions, if the catalyst is still intact after the sell-off, that’s when you pounce.

The tool I used to track this stock is here. But folks, it’s not really a tool, it’s hard work. I spend hours a day going through hundreds of stocks each day looking for catalysts and chart setups. It’s real research and real gains that made this a winner. You can spend a hours every day and do the same thing too or you can pay us $20 a month and save yourself hours every day. Whatever you choose just remember, this takes lots of hard work and time away from the family. That’s the main “secret sauce” that will drive your profits higher.

If you are a Premium member, here is the article I wrote on TTOO stock. Take a moment to review this article so you can learn what is the best catalysts to hit winners like this.

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