Sendas Distribuidora $ASAI Unusual Dark Pool Activity, Breakout

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Sendas Distribuidora $ASAI stock confirmed a major resistance breakout on November 1, 2022.

Dark Pool Trading In $ASAI Stock

Dark pool trading occurred in $ASAI stock on September 28, 2022. We think the unusually large dark pool order was buying because of how the stock rose following the trade, hitting the tape.

ASAI stock chart on November 1, 2022, with a dark pool trade shown in orange bar with a table to the right with the text TIME SYMBOL MESSAGE PRICE 09/28/22 ASAI 1,105,658 DARK BLOCK $18M 492.24% AvgVol $16.55 09/28/22 ASAI Unusual Dark Pool Activity $16.55

There’s not much news on this stock but it seems to be a value stock in Brazil. Brazil is one of the few countries whose economy is doing well from the commodity price boom.

What Lula’s Victory Means for Brazil’s Economy

$ASAI Stock Technical Analysis

$ASAI stock is in a technical strong uptrend. Long-term indicators suggest a continuation of the uptrend is likely; however, short-term indicators suggest the stock is approaching overbought territory. Be watchful of profit taking or even a trend reversal.

ASAI stock chart on November 1, 2022, showing a resistance breakout with a positive MACD and a positive money flow.
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