Sensata Technologies $ST Stock Does Resurrection Cross

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Sensata Technologies $ST stock has confirmed a Resurrection Cross pattern on January 24, 2023. The stock is in a technical uptrend.

Sensata tech stock chart on January 24 2023 with Resurrection Cross Pattern and a rising MACD and money flow
Sensata tech stock chart on January 24 2023 with Resurrection Cross Pattern and a rising MACD and money flow

Sensata Technologies’ New Tire Mounted Sensor for Automotive and Tire OEMs

Sensata Technologies announced on November 30, 2022, that it has created a new Tire Mounted Sensor for tire and vehicle OEMs to deliver improved safety, performance, and data insights.

The Tire Mounted Sensor from Sensata is the next development in tire sensing, using tires as the only point of contact with the ground to provide new insights beyond pressure and temperature. The Tire Mounted Sensor from Sensata has an accelerometer to measure the force with which the tire is impacting the ground in addition to TPMS functionality. The Tire Mounted Sensor, which is directly mounted to the inner liner of the tire, provides data continuity for the particular tire throughout its lifespan as well as brand and model identification.

Sensata’s Tire Mounted Sensors can offer tire and vehicle OEMs as well as drivers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced tire life, fuel economy, and driving range calculations. The vertical load on each tire can be calculated while the vehicle is moving by combining sensor data with a load calculation algorithm. In the event that the vehicle is imbalanced or overloaded, the system will alert the driver. Even a 10% overloaded vehicle will experience a 16% reduction in tire life and a 10% reduction in fuel efficiency. Increased safety, longer tire life, and more accurate range estimates are all benefits of being aware of the vehicle load. Additionally, more precise EV range calculations are possible thanks to the real-time feedback Tire Mounted Sensors give to a battery management system (BMS).
  • Improved vehicle handling. The vehicle’s performance and handling can be modified to match the installed tire thanks to tire information programmed into the sensor.
  • Improved ADAS performance. The detection of changes in the road’s surface, such as the transition from pavement to gravel, can help the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) adjust their braking distance calculations in a more timely and precise manner.
  • Tracking tire warranties made easier. As a vehicle equipped with tire mounted sensors can automatically identify the tire information from the sensors, tire and vehicle OEMs can more easily conduct tire warranty tracking and notifications.
  • Sensata is in talks with additional vehicle and tire OEMs about additional opportunities, and its first Tire Mounted Sensor will go on sale in 2023 for a fleet retrofit with a significant tire manufacturer.
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“This opportunity to provide Sensata’s next generation of tire management solutions to a leading tire maker demonstrates the added value our Tire Mounted Sensors offer, and we believe they can benefit many others, including fleet owners, vehicle OEMs, and end consumers,” says Eric Sorret, Vice President of Automotive at Sensata Technologies.

Sensata Technologies Overview

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