This is leaked video from inside Wuhan that the Chinese government is trying to hide from the rest of the world.

The Chinese government has huge truck machines that are spraying stuff into the air which presumably kills the coronavirus. The problem is, whatever they are spraying is toxic to humans as well.

STOP: The following content below has been identified as disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Whatever is being sprayed to kill the coronavirus in the air and on the street and sidewalks, it’s probably going to cause human ailments, cancer, and birth defects for many years to come.

People are falling to their deaths from quarantined buildings in an attempt to get out of the quarantine. The lady seen falling to her death in this image is someone who was starving to death and trying to get out of her apartment to get food.

China is also dumping tens-of-thousands of pigs into huge pits to be slaughtered. It is unclear if these pigs suffer from the swine flu, the coronavirus, or both.

Coronavirus infecting animals inside China is contributing to the surge in the cost of groceries by more than 30% over the last few weeks.

People that are infected are being hunted down in parts of Wuhan like rabid-dogs. I found it extremely dishonest that China talks about discrimination by other countries blocking travel to and from China, while the Chinese government and its citizens are the most discriminatory of them all, actually hunting down, beating up, imprisoning, and killing people who are infected with the coronavirus inside their country. China may even be paying people to apprehend neighbors and friends who have the coronavirus.

This is what is really going on inside Wuhan, China. We are not judging the Chinese government nor Wuhan residents. These are people fighting to survive and when it comes to survival, animal instinct kicks in and civility is thrown out the window. We know of other catastrophes in history where people resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. The point here is not to judge but instead to inform investors and traders in the United States what’s really going on and why it’s so important that our government and the CDC takes all necessary actions NOW to stop an outbreak here in the United States. One dumb human mistake, like passing out faulty coronavirus diagnostic kits, can lead to an outbreak that infects tens-of-thousands of people here in the United States. We must prevent what’s going on in China, from happening here in the United States at all costs.

The video where the pictures above were smuggled through the Great China Firewall is below. It is extremely disturbing but I think it’s important we know about what’s really going on as stock traders and investors. This pandemic is much worse than what’s being reported in U.S. corporate media. The communist Chinese government is trying to block such video footage from getting out to the world.

Most viewers will find the video footage below disturbing. Please do not view if you are under 18 or are disturbed by such videos.

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