SmartRent $SMRT Penny Stock Unusually Large Dark Pool Trade

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An unusually large dark pool trade occurred in SmartRent $SMRT stock on October 14, 2022. For a penny stock trading at $2.24 a share, large dark pool block orders are very rare.

Dark Pool Trade In SmartRent Stock

We think the unusual dark pool trade is a buy order ahead of the company’s third quarter earnings coming November 10, 2022.

Smartrent stock with unusually large dark pool trade showed with orange bar on October 14, 2022.

SmartRent Surpasses 500,000 Units Deployed

On October 3, 2022, SmartRent, Inc. (NYSE: $SMRT), a leading provider of smart home and smart building automation for residents, property owners, managers, developers and homebuilders, announced that its technologies are now deployed in 500,000 apartment and single-family homes.

SmartRent is a pioneer in enterprise smart home technologies designed to address the pain points for owners and operators of rental communities while elevating the living experience for residents. Before SmartRent’s comprehensive solutions were introduced, owners and operators had to piece together antiquated tools and technologies to manage their properties, resulting in inefficiencies and leaving properties more vulnerable to costly damage.

“500,000 homes equipped with SmartRent technologies means the power of purpose-built technology is touching millions of lives every day,” said Lucas Haldeman, CEO of SmartRent. “This milestone speaks to the scalability and power of our approach, and I’m proud of the vision and execution of our team in getting us here. I’d also like to thank our customers for investing in the future of smart home technology. Our success is because of their success.”

Since its inception five years ago, SmartRent has expanded its software platform and hardware portfolio to address all facets of real estate operations, helping over 447 customers protect their assets and save millions of dollars in operational costs. The company has engaged with over two million operator and resident users and installed over two million pieces of smart building hardware.

SmartRent Customer Testimonial – Venterra Realty

SmartRent $SMRT Stock Technical Analysis

SmartRent $SMRT stock is in a technical strong downtrend. Long term indicators suggest a continuation of the downtrend.

SmartRent stock chart with a positive MACD but negative money flow as of October 14, 2022.
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