My wife, who is white, is a small business owner and she never received a stimulus check. We think it’s because she has a struggling drapery business and she always pays her taxes late. She has an agreement with the IRS to pay her taxes late, but we think that’s why she hasn’t received the stimulus check.

States should not be handling the payments. The state of California has frozen our bank accounts looking for back tax payments from my wife where both times they were wrong to freeze our bank accounts. We received no warning, nothing. Just suddenly we were locked out of our main checking account and any money there we couldn’t spend. It turns out that the state of California messed up not once but twice in so doing as no back taxes were owed. Cash strapped states should not be in charge of doling out stimulus checks. Republicans once again are pushing aspects of managing this pandemic off onto states who don’t even have enough money to update their computers, software, and databases.

Republicans Failure of Handling This Pandemic Is Boiled Down To This

Republicans horrific failure at handling the current pandemic outbreak in the U.S. can be boiled down to this: ideology that states, not the Federal government, should handle pretty much everything. 

George Bush, after the 911 attacks, had enough commonsense to start the Department of Homeland Security which was the biggest Federal government expenditure in decades. What if Bush had told the state of New York, we will tell you who attacked your state and where they are but it’s up to you to travel over to Afghanistan and get revenge? That’s essentially what Republicans are doing here. Republicans put ideology before public health and now they want to compound that mistake by even throwing off stimulus money onto states to pass out. This is why we must vote Republicans out on November 3rd.

Both Republicans and Democrats have a new stimulus bill, but there is a $2.5 trillion gulf between the two parties on how much they want to set aside on relief. The $2 trillion relief package that Congress passed in March ranks among the most aggressive in history, but this relief didn’t reach everyone. There were significant disparities by income, race and ethnicity in terms of who received the money. Black people were a large proportion of those left behind and it reinforces long-standing economic disparities between largely black and white neighborhoods across the U.S. In this Bloomberg Equality segment, Quicktake’s Jennifer Zabasajja discusses the stimulus bill and why it didn’t reach every American. She speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”


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