This is where left leaning corporate media like Bloomberg blows it. Everyone with an IQ over 60 knows that Democrats and specifically Biden, helped eliminate millions of U.S. jobs since 2001 and pushed outsourcing and offshoring to China, making China the superpower it is today.

Democrats actually battled Trump over China in 2016 until they realized that most Americans agreed with Trump and thus they reversed their position on China and tried to own the issue.

I have little doubt that entities like the Democrat party and possibly even some left leaning media groups have told China not to worry about the rhetoric because when Biden wins, he will appease China and that Democrats are just coming out as anti-China to get more votes. The reason China is being quiet on recent issues involving the banning of Chinese companies from getting U.S. tech or the TikTok break-up is likely because they’ve been promised that it’s just pre-election rhetoric and to not take it too seriously. What corporations, rich people, politically connected individuals, or party is whispering this to the Chinese, we have no idea but we can guess.

Democrats and their media outlets like Bloomberg, NBC, CNN, the Washington Post and their sponsors like many big international corporations that want to do business in China, shouldn’t try and be so sneaky. If they’d just be honest with the American people about why they want better relations with China, they would get more votes. Instead, they try and manipulate reality by lying, rewriting history, painting false narratives, showing fake sympathy or opposition, and whatever other tactics they can think of. In the Information Age and particularly with the Internet, these tactics don’t work anymore but that still doesn’t stop them from trying to use them. It’s almost like the rich and powerful have their $10,000 per person dinners and they hob knob with each other and come up with these schemes and then high-five each other over their own power of manipulating the masses. You would have thought Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 would have showed them that those tactics don’t work anymore.

The truth is that Biden has been in Washington for decades and is directly responsible for helping to prop up a scheme that caused millions of good paying manufacturing jobs in the U.S. to go to China. Democrats and party members like Biden took money from China to enrich themselves at the expense of average citizens. The idea that Biden and Democrats would be tough on China is stupid. It’s as stupid as Hillary Clinton in 2016 trying to claim she was for campaign finance reform more than Trump. Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars from corporate America while Trump was the first candidate in U.S. history to not take any money from corporations, and yet we were supposed to believe media outlets like Bloomberg, Comcast, the Washington Post, that an insider like Hillary Clinton was better on campaign finance reform than Trump 😂

Bloomberg, Comcast, CNN, shouldn’t try so hard to spin the news into a fake reality. They should come out and embrace their socialism and their pro-China views and argue their positions. That is what the Founding Fathers envisioned our great country would be. Be honest and open about your positions, and let those positions be openly debated by the American people. If your ideas are so good for American citizens and not just for those at the top, then you shouldn’t have to hide them behind fake news and lies IMO.

Johns Hopkins Vice Dean for International Research Cooperation Andrew Mertha discusses how Biden is going to be tough on China. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” The Bloomberg School of Public Health is supported by Michael R. Bloomberg, founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News.


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