I’d like to see the Defense Production Act used to mass produce these devices here in the U.S., contingent on passing rigorous U.S. FDA review. The company could be paid on every model produced, and we can produce millions of these devices in 3D printing and manufacturing buildings here in the U.S.

Every doctors office and every hospital should have dozens of these devices at their disposal. This could be rolled out to testing sites, clinics, and elsewhere.

Getting the results back in 90 minutes as quick enough to make a big difference in stopping the spread of this disease.

Christofer Toumazou, founder of DnaNudge and professor at Imperial College in London, discusses his coronavirus testing machine, how it works and the plans to scale up the business. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tChwyOI4dQU

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