It seems like a bad idea that President Trump is hell-bent on picking a fight with the Chinese during an outbreak in the U.S. that’s so bad, it will likely kill 20,000 Americans over the next few weeks.

For all the lost jobs as a result of corporations offshoring and outsourcing to China, China did sequence the genome of the coronavirus early on and they sent it to us. Dr. Fauci used the coronavirus genome to start work on a vaccine here in the U.S. in January 2020. President Trump never mentions that the Chinese did this. Why would he? He wants to make China into a huge enemy and point all the blame at them to deflect peoples anger at how he has handled this outbreak.

Further, I understand getting mad at China about gutting out our entire manufacturing sector over the last 20 years but isn’t the bigger story that U.S. corporations worked with people from both parties who were paid off to facilitate the betrayal of the American worker? I mean China couldn’t have taken a single job from the U.S. if it wasn’t for greedy American CEOs and American politicians conspiring together to make themselves rich at the expense of the American worker. Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was in on the outsourcing and offshoring scam. Putting all the blame on China is just finger pointing and scapegoating.

Scapegoating China, during an outbreak of this proportion, is a really stupid idea when so many products and supplies are needed by the American people. We have a President who has turned his back on us in the name of “herd immunity” while HIS family and Administration are tested daily, and now he wants to cut us off from the Chinese made products we all desperately need when we order over Amazon? Whether that’s Trump’s intention or not is irrelevant: it’s literally what he’s doing.

We Should Have Followed China’s Example

Hate China, love China, it matters not. We should have followed China’s example of how to crush this pandemic from the start.

We should have given testing firms like Quest Labs billions of dollars to triple their workers and testing capacity using the Defense Production Act. We should have used the parking lots of every major retailer across the country to set up free rapid testing sites. We should have employed people out of work as “Disinfectors” and had them walk around spraying disinfecting on the ground everywhere. We should have hired hundreds-of-thousands of people out of work as “Contact Tracers”. We should have destroyed money and/or used UVC light to disinfect it everywhere. We should have driven big trucks down every major road that sprayed disinfect up into the air and told people to stay inside and wear masks. The military should have been deployed in every major city to enforce private property laws as well as masking laws and local ordinance rules at grocery shopping centers and elsewhere. The list goes on and on.

We had a road-map to follow from China about how to handle this pandemic but instead of learning from other countries, our President and Republican leaders ignored how other countries handled the pandemic, ignored our best scientists and medical doctors, turned this outbreak into a political wedge issue, and made a greater enemy out of China.

Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute Executive Director Carla Freeman discusses the sharing of Covid-19 information between the U.S. and China, and how China is able to manage its messaging via international media. She speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” The Bloomberg School of Public Health is supported by Michael R. Bloomberg, founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News.


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