Months after authorities flattened the curve of coronavirus infections across Europe by imposing some of the Western world’s toughest restrictions on millions of people, a second wave of the virus has hit. While Europeans enjoyed relaxed COVID-19 measures over the summer, a surge of new infections over recent weeks in places like Britain, France and Spain have prompted authorities to reimpose restrictions ahead of the winter months. The continent is now seeing more new coronavirus cases – an average of 100,000 daily — than at any other time during the pandemic.

Hospitals are filling up. Bars and cafes are closing down as officials are working to bolster hospital capacity, to accommodate an expected influx of new COVID-19 patients.

France imposed a curfew on Paris and other major cities, and other countries are taking similar steps as record caseloads fill hospitals and governments try to respond without lockdowns.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday advised investors against selling U.S. equities in response to spiking coronavirus cases across European nations.


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