CNBC has Jason Trennert with Strategas Research Partners on for a fascinating discussion on what’s driving the market higher.

Jason Trennert said, “In my opinion, there’s been obviously almost endless talk about the stimulus and it seems to me that almost regardless of what the news is that the market goes higher so I’m largely of the view that the stimulus isn’t really the issue…

My own opinion is that Chairman Powell’s speech earlier in the week which largely got the Fed into the political game by encouraging the fiscal spending of the government… Some are giving a 70 percent chance Biden winning so there’s something in terms of the just the internals of the market with industry groups like green energy.”

Investors have been searching for clarity on a possible stimulus package as the presidential election approaches. Jason Trennert, chairman at Strategas Research Partners, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss what factors are driving the markets.


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