The Hunter Biden laptop continues to yield a treasure trove of information about the corrupt dealing of Democrats during the Obama Administration and specifically Joe Biden using the power of his office to bring in millions of dollars for his family.

Democrats like Schiff are claiming that the information is a Russian campaign to meddle in our elections. Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and other big tech corporations are blocking most of the public from getting information about what was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. These big tech corporations have given 90% and more of their 2020 campaign donations to Joe Biden.

Republicans have correctly countered Democrats Russian conspiracy theory: Hunter Biden’s laptop is NOT a Russian conspiracy.

In an interview with Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani said that over the next few days, more damaging information about what Joe Biden did with blackmailing the President of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating a corrupt company that his son Hunter Biden sat on the Board of, is coming.

Here is the interview streamed live yesterday:

Democrats and their big tech supporters are in full on panic mode. Expect more attempts at blocking information from the public in the bogus name of “Russia meddling in our election”. Information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that was left at an IT repair shop has nothing to do with Russia and everybody knows it.

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