President Trump made his first public appearance since being infected with the China originating coronavirus.

Corporate America wants you to forget that this virus came from China and its implications for future trade and relations. China is so innocent in the coronavirus pandemic, and Trump is the bad one. That’s the impression you get by reading the propaganda put out by Comcast’s NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, AT&T’s CNN, Disney’s ABC, CBS, Amazon’s the Washington Post, Sulzberger’s the New York Times, Nant Capital’s the LA Times. Yes, Trump has made mistakes, but he’s made excellent choices, like Operation Warp Speed, the first round of stimulus, and more. The problem with the content coming from the media groups listed above is that President Trump rarely does anything good. This is propaganda masquerading as factual news.

Check out what CNN publishes as ‘news’ about Trump’s first public appearance since being infected with the coronavirus:

This ‘news’ is syndicated at the top of Google search which has 80% of all U.S. internet searches! Why would Google even show fake news like this?

We know the answer. Follow the money. Check out how much AT&T owned CNN has given to Democrats versus Republicans so far in the 2020 Presidential cycle:

AT&T (which owns CNN) 2020 Presidential Election Donations. Source:

Check out how much Google has given to Democrats versus Republicans:

Google Campaign Contributions 2020 Presidential Election Cycle. Source:

By following the money trail, the fake news and then the syndication of that fake news perfectly makes sense.

The offensive thing about what Alphabet and CNN are doing is that they force others to disclose relations like the disclaimer on all RT News videos that the Russian government supports this channel. However, those same discloser standards do not apply to themselves or the entities in which they have relations with. How about a disclaimer on all CNN News stories that CNN is owned by AT&T which gave 90% of its contributions to Democrat candidates in the 2020 Presidential election cycle? How about a disclaimer on Google News Search that says Google gave 95% of its campaign contributions to Democrat candidates in the 2020 Presidential election cycle and that stories are listed in the order of Google’s campaign contributions and stories are given prominence based on Google’s political values? What’s so insidious about what these corporations are doing is that they try their best to give the illusion of neutrality to fool the public instead of just disclosing what they are doing. I have no problem with Democrat-leaning companies writing fake news and then putting it up on the internet. That’s their free-speech right. But this should be disclosed to the public.

What about that ‘dark and divisive’ speech Trump gave at the White House this weekend? And, while I’m not a big Trump fan, here it is, and there’s nothing dark or divisive about it:

As stock traders and investors, we have to follow the money and understand the difference between real and fake news. The money in our trading account depends on it. For example, you can’t go all-in on China stocks right now, thinking Biden has got this election locked up. You can’t short fracking companies, and go long green companies, with the idea that Biden will certainly win and put the U.S. back in the Paris Climate Accord.

There are things you’re not being told in the mainstream corporate media like the fact that President Trump has donated his salary every year that he’s been in office. No President has ever done that before. That truth doesn’t fit the corporate agenda of getting Trump out of the White House, and so they don’t report on it.

Congratulations to President Trump on his recovery. All Americans, whether ideologues on the right or left, should be happy with this outcome. We want a free election to decide our next President, not the coronavirus. Congratulations to Trump supporters for getting their man back.

May the best man win the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election.

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