Bloomberg did an awesome interview today of Brent Schutte of Northwestern Mutual.

Brent Schutte gave excellent insight into how people should be trading this market ahead of the Presidential election.

We agree with Mr. Schutte that what traders and investors should be thinking about over which party wins is what the economy that is being inherited is? A much bigger factor in determining future market direction is not which party wins but instead what is the economy that is being inherited and where we are in the business cycle.

Mr. Schutte told Bloomberg viewers, “I would probably first start by telling investors they should never overemphasize politics in their portfolio construction…

If I take you back and pull you away from the emotions of politics and certainly elections are important but if you look historically the bigger important part of what happens during an election is what they inherit and where we are at in the business cycle…

If a President inherits an economy late in the cycle where the Federal Reserve is tightening and they have no slack left versus if they inherit a business cycle that is either early or mid, the returns are much higher in the later.”

Brent Schutte of Northwestern Mutual talks about how elections impact markets and investors on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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