Larry Kudlow said in a phone interview on CNBC, “I don’t think the recovery depends on a massive assistance package. However, I do think extending the PPP small business loans would be tremendous assistance. I think the airlines definitely need a lot of help…

From the PPE there is $135 billion unspent that requires congressional legislation…

I think what President Trump was saying yesterday is that we’re too far apart for a gigantic bill. There are only 4 weeks to the election and we have a Justice of the Supreme Court to get past. It’s too close to the election and there’s not enough time to get stuff done at this stage of the game BUT President Trump said that he would sign a stand-alone bill which would provide key assistance to airlines and small business PPP (Payroll Protection Program).

On the demand side, the President said he would provide $1,000 stimulus checks to everyone to keep things going.

We think we have been very flexible… we do not think that the Democrats have been flexible and we feel that they don’t really want to play ball… Nancy Pelosi is not negotiating in good faith and she’s been stringing us along with no intention of getting anything done before the election.”

“Right now in terms of the probability curve, this would be probably still low-probability stuff,” says NEC Director Larry Kudlow told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Wednesday regarding the chances a piecemeal stimulus package will pass before the election.


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