STAG Industrial $STAG Stock On Downtrend Channel Breakout, Dark Pool Trade

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STAG Industrial $STAG stock did a downtrend channel breakout on October 28, 2022. The stock price did a turnaround and started heading higher after two dark pool trades occurred on October 21, 2022, and on October 24, 2022.

Dark Pool Trades In STAG Industrial $STAG Stock

We think the two dark pool trades that occurred in $STAG stock in October 2022 were buy orders because of how $STAG stock rose following the prints hitting the tape.

STAG Industrial stock chart on October 30, 2022, showing two dark pool trades in orange bars with a table to the right with the text TIME SYMBOL MESSAGE PRICE 10/24/22 STAG 448,900 DARK BLOCK $12.0M 27.12%AvgVol $28.51 10/21/22 STAG 1,319,403 DARK BLOCK $37.0M 83.36% AvgVol $28.36

The two largest shareholders in STAG Industrial $STAG are Vanguard and Blackrock. Were these two dark pool trades Blackrock or Vanguard increasing their positions after the company’s ESG compliance?

STAG Industrial Upgraded to “A” ESG Rating

STAG Industrial announced on October 13, 2022, that it achieved a GRESB Public Disclosure Level of “A” for 2022. The improved score triggers a sustainability-related interest rate change for three of the Company’s unsecured term loans totaling $650 million in principal amount and the Company’s $1 billion unsecured revolving credit facility, effective October 17, 2022, resulting in an interest rate reduction of two basis points for each instrument.

GRESB is a group that started in 2009 that makes a standard system for rating and comparing corporate ESG efforts in the real estate business. For the first time since being assessed by GRESB, the Company received an “A” for its annual Public Disclosure score. The “A” rating in 2022 is better than the average “B” rating for all companies, worldwide, that GRESB has rated and better than the average “C” rating for the 10 industrial real estate companies in the GRESB public disclosure comparison group that includes the Company. The Company placed second when compared to the other 10 companies.

“We progressed on several ESG fronts while profitably pursuing our business as an industrial building landlord,” said Jeff Sullivan, General Counsel of the Company. “It is rewarding to have GRESB and the terms of our commercial borrowing arrangements reflect this balanced progress.”

Blackrock and Vanguard are the biggest shareholders in $STAG stock. The Great Reset Build Back Better agenda is enforced by squeezing companies during this Federal Reserve caused recession. If a company wants to receive a lower interest rate loan or have Blackrock and Vanguard help prop up its stock in a Bear market, they will pursue ESG policies as outlined by the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda.

STAG Industrial Q3 2022 Results

On October 27, 2022, STAG Industrial announced its financial and operating results for the quarter ended September 30, 2022. The company beat on both FFO and revenue. STAG Industrial reported Q3 core FFO of 57c versus the consensus estimate of 24c. The company reported Q3 revenue of $166.3M versus the consensus estimate of 164.44M.

“Our record internal growth in Q3 drove strong earnings growth despite volatility in the capital markets,” said CEO Bill Crooker. “The company’s sustainable internal growth and a defensive balance sheet will allow us to be opportunistic through year end and in 2023.”

$STAG stock price target lowered at Wells Fargo

On October 18, 2022, Wells Fargo analyst Blaine Heck lowered the company’s price target on STAG Industrial $STAG from $41 to $36 while maintaining an overweight rating on the stock. The analyst sees the industrial real estate investment trusts as being well-positioned heading into the Q3 reports, given the challenging environment. Based on recent management commentary, on-the-ground activity has remained strong throughout Q3. According to the analyst, this suggests that the residential and office markets have remained relatively resilient.

STAG Industrial price target lowered at Evercore ISI

On September 27, 2022, Evercore ISI analyst Steve Sakwa lowered the firm’s price target on STAG Industrial to $37 from $39 and keeps an Outperform rating on the shares. The Feds’ continued stance toward inflation spooked the market, and REITs fell nearly 6.5%. Besides this macro change, Evercore is making another series of revisions to their interest rate forecasts, which negatively affects valuation.

STAG Industrial $STAG Stock Technical Analysis

STAG Industrial $STAG stock is in a technical downtrend. The stock has formed a downtrend channel breakout chart pattern.

STAG Industrial stock chart on October 30, 2022, in a downtrend channel breakout chart pattern with a positive MACD and positive money flow.
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