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Information Wars: Saturday Night Live Textbook Case In Mind Control By Globalists

Saturday Night Live did a hit-piece against President Trump and Alex Jones last night. This is a textbook case in mainstream media mind control. You have to be aware of this as you get your news from globalist controlled media groups like CNBC and Fox Business. Like with the WSJ, you have to ask yourself why do they want me to think this way about the economy or a certain stock or sector. For example, I think that the OPEC oil production cut deal is about ready to fall apart because of certain stories last week in the news even though CNBC won’t have anyone on their network saying that right now. Just like CNBC refused to be critical of Saudi Arabia as they were targeting the shale oil industry in this country several years ago that resulted in Americans losing tens-of-thousands of good pay jobs.

Alex Jones does a brilliant job breaking down what the globalists are attempting to accomplish in this Saturday Night Live attack cleverly cloaked in humor.

This is nothing less than “lone wolf” activation in an attempt to take President Trump out when SNL reinforces the stereotype they created that President Trump is a racist out to get black people. Check out the textbook mind manipulation skit from SNL below.

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