Saturday Stock Market Prediction Show For Week of January 16 2017

A weekly Saturday night show that attempts to predict market direction for the week ahead by looking at a variety of fundamental and technical indicators. This week’s show includes commentary on Trump’s weak press conference on January 11, 2017 where he called drug makers murders for charging high prices. The show also includes Exact Sciences guiding revenue up +142% YOY, Illumina amazing announcement that Novaseq DNA Sequencer will be able to sequence a human genome In one hour, Amgen’s Phase 3 study results published In JAMA for Parsabiv (Etelcalcetide) which could be approved by the FDA in February 2017, and more.

Author: Lance Jepsen

For ethical purposes, I try not to hold any position in any stock I profile on unless specifically stated in the article. Owner of Seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and writer. I love God, family, country, stock trading, economics, and helping people learn how to trade.

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