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Stock market prediction show broadcast every Saturday on YouTube. Interview with Ron Paul about the Syrian gas attack.

Stock Market Prediction Show For Week of April 16 2018

The weekly Stock Market Prediction Show, broadcast every Saturday on YouTube, for trading the week ahead. This week’s show departs from the usual technical analysis of charts, and instead focuses on the fundamental analysis of the Syria catalyst and what could lie ahead.

Also in this week’s show, Lance Jepsen has a big announcement to make regarding his support for President Trump. Lance says, “I can no longer in good faith support this President”. Find out the reason behind Lance’s shocking reversal in this week’s show.


Hello my fellow stock trading masters, this is Lance Jepsen with

Alright guys, I told you so. I told you so. Banking stocks. So some of you guys wrote in and said hey Lance, you know left comments underneath the video, hey Lance, banking stocks! And one of the things that I mentioned was that I, I get it. I myself had once said banking stocks, right along with all the other analysts, end of last year, maybe middle of last year, even as recently as the beginning of this year, but bank stocks did not live up to the hope, the hype, the promise.

Friday, April 13, earnings season kicked off and what happened? Banks came out. Banks beat, okay? Their earnings weren’t were bad. In fact, they were pretty darn good and what did banking stocks do? Now some could say its Wells Fargo and some new revelations in the Wells Fargo case, but it doesn’t matter, right? Banking stocks are not living up to the promise. So always keep this in mind guys. Let the market dictate your thinking. Sometimes we can get into traps where we attempt to impose our own will on the market, we think, what should happen in the market. Therefore, that’s our truth and that’s what were going to sit there and beat a dead horse and look for and play. But when it doesn’t pan out, we rationalize, we justify. We even take losses that are simply not necessary. Instead, let the market dictate your actions. You have a theory about banks, that’s great. I had the same theory, but then when banks don’t hold play out as they should, rather than try to explain why or keep beating that dead horse, you just say hey, whatever, it is what it is. The market clearly is signaling that banks are not as bullish as we thought in this rising rate environment. Therefore, right now I’m not going to play banks and that logic has been very good to me. Okay, so you guys, I get it that you like financing, you like bank stocks, but you, let the market dictate your actions, be careful.

Folks, I’ve come to a conclusion after Trump’s tweet towards Russia where he said Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia because they will be coming, nice and new, and smart. You shouldn’t be partners with the gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it.

The media inside of Russia is having a field day with this. The Russian people, over their television sets, this is what they’re seeing.

East Ghouta is almost over, 90% has been liberated by Syria’s government. The Army of Islam, news for Al Qaeda affiliate, Islamists, they’ve lost, opting to take the buses to rebel territories.

The vast majority of rebels surrendered and negotiations are underway for the handover of the last rebel stronghold. On the cusp of victory, as is now tradition, Assad goes against all reason and logic. He’s won this battle and launches chemical weapons at civilians. According to his enemies, he can’t help it.

The United States continues to use all efforts available to hold those who use chemical weapons in Syria, and otherwise, accountable. The regime’s history of using chemical weapons against its own people is not in dispute.

Russia warned, repeatedly, that this may happen. They had intelligence a month ago that rebels were preparing to stage these attacks. Why not, if they can’t fight, if they can’t win, why not try to provoke an international intervention. It’s worked before. That is not to say we’re jumping to conclusions.

Meanwhile, in a besieged onclave of Eastern Ghouta, rebels are continuing to leave. The last group has finally agreed to be evacuated to the north of the country. We spoke to some doctors who worked in Douma during previous reports of chemical attacks in the area.

There was one case, I faced, on January the 13th, at 6 AM, reports came in about the strike and the use of chemical weapons. Six people were hospitalized. We examined them and found no problems with their air ways. They would just scared. Nothing pointed to it and it was impossible to talk about it, even after analysis of blood and clothes.

During my work there, there was also cases on January 22nd, and February 25th. During the medical examinations, nothing was found.

These people had the symptoms of panic and fear, but not poisoning.

Advisors, but I think Trump might be playing us with a fiddle, you know, one day he’s a good guy. It think it’s good to get out of the war, say that to the libertarians, that’s what Ron Paul’s been saying all along, but then the next day it’s changed, it’s 100 percent opposite. Nothing can change that big and it’s it’s amazing the American people buy into that and just not pull the hair out and say hey, enough is enough. Why don’t you tell us the truth.

Alright, the chemical attack did take place. We do know that for sure. There is evidence of an attack. Who do you think would be behind that?

And you’re talking about the most recent one. Yes sir. Okay well one thing is, is I don’t know. I think the least likely would be Assad. This whole idea, I saw, over and over again, probably 10 times today, Assad is gassing his own people, and they’ve said it every time it happens and in a month or two later, they prove that was absolutely wrong. So I, I, I cannot see any reason why Assad would do this. There’s no reason for Russia to have done this. There’s somebody who wants to stir up trouble and people who want us to stay there. So we’re getting, let’s say there’s a hint, there’s a bone thrown out, we might leave, according to Trump. Well no, we have to have a reason for staying. We’re not going to let this happen. We, that’s the problem, but, you know, the McCain’s people say oh, we left, we left Iraq too soon and that’s what happened, ISIS came in and of course the evidence is pretty strong, that, that we’ve been pretty friendly with ISIS and we use ISIS to try to fight our battle. So somebody wanted to stay there. I think, uh, the policymakers here did not want us to leave and uh, and uh, and somebody does it for them, but uh, I just think this whole idea that all of a sudden that Assad is gassing his own people is total nonsense.

Former congressman Ron Paul.

Militarily, I don’t like to say where I’m going and what I’m doing.

Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia because they’ll be coming nice and new, and smart. President Trump tells the Kremlin to get ready for Syria missiles. A military strike against Syria is on a hot boil at the White House. Now he’s put himself in a trap where he’s got to deliver on something. He has to deliver on his tough talk. This is sending the sort of message that clearly is alerting all those forces in Syria.

A war declaration over twitter. The perfect example of impeicable diplomacy. Dad, how did the third World War start? Our guy sub-tweeted their guy.

Our relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the cold war. There is no reason for this. Stop the arms race?

Then stop the arm’s race you muppet.

Someone put him in a diaper and spank him until he calms down.

Much of the bad blood with Russia is caused by the fake and corrupt Russia investigation, headed up by the all Democrat loyalists, or people that work for Obama.

You just threatened to start a war with Russia like 20 minutes ago and now you’re blaming the bad blood with Russia on the Democrats.

I mean I can’t really defend our President because everything that Russia is saying in their mainstream media, it’s true. Even if my response is don’t take the President seriously, he was just trolling you over Twitter. The idea that we elected a Twitter Troll as President is sort of scary too.

Guys, I shot an entire show but now I just scrapped it all. I just deleted the whole thing. Got rid of it because none of it matters. Looking at charts, technical analysis, looking at all this and that and Bulls and Bears, it doesn’t matter. Right? Because it just matters on what’s gonna happen in Syria. How is this going to escalate? That’s front and center. It doesn’t matter. You could do, you could’ve been oh, all the charts and setups in the world oh and Friday you went long something and it looks so good. Good chance you could lose your money, come next week.

Now, I have to tell you guys. Some of you are going to be deeply disturbed by what I’m about to say. I can no longer, in good faith, in good conscience, support Donald Trump. I am done with my support for Donald Trump and this should not come as a surprise to longtime listeners to this show.

You know that one of the main tenets, other than make America great again, and the economic policies, it was to get out of Syria. It was to make friends with Russia. Really stick it to ISIS, and get out of Syria. That’s what Trump said he was going to, going to do on the campaign stump.

Okay, so I’ve been saying this for a long time and I kept it low, and I really understand what’s going on in Syria because you look at it, first it was a total catastrophe. It’s a total mess and we’re helping to make it a mess. Now we have ISIS and ISIS wants to go after Assad but we’re knocking the hell out of him, even though it’s not a very full-blown thing we’re still dropping bombs all over the place, and you know, look, their not exactly loving life over in Syria. So we’re stopping them, to a certain extent, from going after Assad. You have Russia, that’s now there. Russia is on the side of Assad, and Russia wants to get rid of ISIS as much as we do, if not more, because they don’t want them coming into Russia and I’m saying why are we knocking ISIS and yet at the same time, we’re against Assad. Let them fight, take over the remnants, but more importantly, let Russia fight ISIS. If they want to fight them, let them fight them in Syria.

In the impact segment tonight, is there a Trump, Putin, bromance going on? Donald Trump has promised that he would get quote get along very well with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and in a three-hour press conference Thursday, Putin seemed to endorse Trump sentiments calling Trump a quote bright and talented person and the absolute leader of the presidential race. Here is how Trump reacted.

I welcome it, I think it’s great. I think that’s what should be happening. I mean his dislike for President Obama, and it’s a mutual thing, is uh terrible and so that’s what you see all the conflict, all the problems, all the hatred. We should be able to work, and we can work, with Russia. That’s not a good thing and I’m greatly honored by his statement. I think it’s terrific.

What, did Trump get in there and then suddenly realize, oh wait a second. The guys that we’ve been backing all these years are actually Islamic ISIS. We were actually backing them because the greater evil is Russia and the Syria government. Trump, oh okay, my bad.

And what do you call Trump coming out and tweeting, what do you call President Trump tweeting on April 11, Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia because they will be coming nice, and new, and smart. You shouldn’t be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it.

Now, that’s wrong on so many levels. So President Trump is trolling Russia. Yes folks, we’ve elected a Twitter Troll as President. This is wrong at so many levels because what we have here is, for one, President Trump ran, once again President Trump is completely different than the guy on the campaign stump. He said that Obama was a horrible Commander-in-Chief because he telegraphed what he was going to do in Iraq, by getting out.

They announce we’re going after Mosul. Why do you have to talk? You do it. You do it.

And look at her website. You know what, it’s no different than this. She’s telling us how to fight ISIS, just go to her website. She tells you how to fight ISIS on her website. I don’t think General Douglas MacArthur would like that too much.

The next, the next segment we’re continuing.

Well at least I have a plan to fight ISIS.

No, no. you’re telling the enemy everything you want to do.

No we’re not.

See, you’re telling the enemy everything you want to do. No wonder, no wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.

He emboldened the enemy. He warned the enemey. What is Trump doing right there in that tweet? The exact same thing that he criticized President Obama for, there he’s doing. And this is really worse. I mean this is giving specific, get ready Russia because they will be coming. So what did Syria do? What did Syrians do after this tweet came out? The Syrian government, and the personnel, and artillery hardware, and their families, they moved to relocate on the Russian bases. That’s all the did. Russia has bases inside Syria. Syria moved its military and assets and valuable jets even to Russia bases because President Trump said that back on Wednesday, giving a whole two day warning to the enemy, the, the, the so-called animal, in Syria.

What a dummy! Trump is crazy. I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is literally insane. He’s sitting there over Twitter tweeting! All pissed off over, doing, being a Twitter Troll. How old is he again? I mean talk about acting, my, my 13-year-old daughter acts more mature than President Trump. And then when President Trump gets criticized for basically trolling Russia, right and in the act of trolling Russia, he revealed important military strategy and what was going to happen days in advance of it actually happening, ruining the most valuable element of warfare, that is the element of surprise. A day later, after people were critical of his trolling Russia and revealing military strategy, he writes, never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon, or not too soon at all. In any event.

I never said when. Okay he said that they were coming soon. I mean that’s pretty darn specific, but, but he never said when it would take place? You know what that sounds like? That sounds like my 13-year-old daughter when I tell her to take out the trash. She says sigh, and I said did you hear me?

Yes Dad.


Four hours later I go into the kitchen and the trash is all still full. And I say to my daughter, I thought I told you to take out the trash. Why isn’t it done? And she says well, I said I would take it out, but I never said when I would take it out. Mumble, mumble. Right? I mean that’s what Trump is doing here. I never said when an attack would, give me a break! How old is he? Oh.

Now you guys know, I told you right off the bat, the false flag event last year of this fake Syrian gas attack, once again, the fake false flag, I mean, and this year, it was so obvious. You guys, you now, once again, you need to admit that I was right all along. I told you that these were false flag events and now you have undeniable proof.

Right when President Trump said he was going to get us out of Syria, another gas attack happens. Right? And then, well, well many attacks happened over the course between this time and this time, but they don’t prove it. Their just trying to cover themselves.

A gas attack happens, all the pictures come out again, right as Trump says he’s leaving Syria. I mean, you would have to be a complete idiot to think that Assad and Russia, who have won the entire Syrian war, control 90% of the country, Russia just oversaw an entire column of ISIS fighters that they allowed to leave the area with their families, pack up the buses as long as they turned over mine maps and disarmed booby-traps, okay? They won. Why would the Syrian government and Russia, snatch defeat out of the hands of victory, right? You would have to be a complete dummy to buy any of this right now. It’s obvious who this, who did this attack, the rebels that the US is backing. My only question is what, how high up does the corruption go? Was it, was this plan on the ground by the rebels when Trump said that he was going to be pulling out of Syria, and then oh, we have to do something to keep the US engaged and they did it, or is it a much darker truth and that somebody in Washington leaked all the way from Washington, maybe, maybe in Congress, went through back channels and helped organize this chemical attack, if one even took place, on women and children in Syria.

President Trump, what he should’ve done is that he should’ve said whoa, whoa, whoa, we could have a bad apple within the government. I’m not that stupid to buy that, that, when I announced that we’re going to pull out of Syria, that suddenly a gas attack happens. I’m not, come on, I’m not that stupid to buy that, right? Obviously somebody within my government has leaked that I was pulling out, or maybe, maybe I said it, but I want to make sure that somebody didn’t organize this from Congress. So I want the CIA to monitor all communications that took place after I announced that we were going to pull out of Syria. I want to see. I want the CIA to monitor the intelligence, the NSA, whatever, to monitor and report back to me on all the communications that took place from Washington DC into Syria and into those rebel groups and I want to make sure that a bad actor within the US government didn’t actually plan this attack. That’s what Trump should be doing to put our minds at ease. But clearly, clearly Syrian government and the Russia government were not responsible for the gassing of these innocent people, which is absolutely horrible if it even happen, it’s horrible, right? But clearly they would not be the ones to do it. They would be the last ones to do it. They won the war. It’s over. 90% of the, Syria, they hold. Why would they do something that would bring world condemnation and missile attacks from multiple countries, like you see what’s happening? Why would they do that? Also, why did Russia, three months ago, over YouTube, tell everybody who would possibly listen, that the US was planning another false flag operation and a fake gas attack on innocent civilians in the country? Russia said it was coming! You can go back and look at their channel and you’ll find it. A couple months ago they warned, this is what’s gonna happen.

So, sigh, President Trump said that he was going to get us out of Syria, that he was going to make friends with Russia, and that we were both going to go after the Islamic radical terrorists ISIS within the country. He never did that. So he lied. He’s not living up to what he promised me that he would do and that was one of the reasons why I voted for him. This was to be about America. Make America great again. We’re falling apart. People are, we’re turning into a nation of renters. Nobody can afford a home. Healthcar,e if you even have it, has decimated this country, the cost of healthcare. It’s just like a parasite sucking it all up. We’re dead. We’re dry bones walking around. Our streets have potholes in them. Our bridges are falling apart and here we are in Syria, and they actually have the nerve to say that the action in Syria is totally legal because it’s in America’s interest. It’s a national security interest for the United States, uh huh, uh huh.

As our commander-in-chief, the President has the authority under article 2 of the Constitution to use military force overseas to defend important United States’ national interests. The United States has vital, national interest in averting a worsening catastrophe in Syria and specifically deterring the use and proliferation of chemical weapons.

Idiots! There’s no security interest for the United States in Syria, give me a break! We have all the oil we need. We even have shale now we can produce our own oil, don’t tell me because the oil. There’s oil interests over there. We have no interests over there in Syria. In fact, the only country that’s illegal now, that’s proven themselves to be illegal, to lead the illegal band of countries, is the US, France and the UK. According to international law, the strike that the US made a year ago, and the strike that the US just made minutes ago, according to international law, is illegal. That’s why they have the international system where you go and you talk it out and you vote. You don’t just unilaterally take actions and get together with your buddies, like a gang, and just decide this is what you’re good to do. Yes, it was illegal what we did now let’s just hope that there’s no re-repercussions from this, but, Russia was already buzzing with their jets our destroyers. They know where they are. They know where the missiles were fired from.

So you mean to tell me that not only did John McCain and his warmonger buddies, George Soros, not only did they use their NGOs to sow discord in Ukraine, attempting an overthrow of the government of Ukraine so that they could move in NATO to point missiles right down Russia’s throat, not only did they attempt to do that, and Russia moved in through free elections, took just half of a little Crimea, cause bloodshed and thousands and thousands of deaths, thank you, John McCain, George Soros and the NGOs that they used to overthrow the government there, using our tax dollars to do it, which is again illegal, not only did, did, did they do that, but then when Russia moved in to seize its pipeline oil interests, it had legitimate pipeline oil interests in Crimea, took a free election, the people voted for Russia overwhelmingly, no shot was fired. When have you heard of an aggressive country coming in and taking over another country that didn’t want to be taken over, they’ve expanded, and there was never any unrest, there was never any shots fired? You have it, right? The people in Crimea voted for Russia. What now they don’t have the right to, to, to vote because you say that, oh, that’s not, that’s an illegal free election that’s taking place. It’s bull. You just fit the world law to fit whatever view, there’s no justice. There’s no equal rules for everybody. It’s might makes right. So not only does Russia have to put up with that, but then Obama, after the complete failure, puts on sanctions against Russia. I’m like no! No, what are you doing! You tried to overthrow Ukraine, you failed you idiots. You failed and now because Russia moves in and stops you, now you’re gonna sanction Russia on top of that? What are you doing! You’re escalating, you’re elevating. Stop it!

Nobody listens to Lance. I’m like a nobody dudes, I’m like you. We’re like nobodies. We’re like peons. Nobody cares about what, what we think, except at voting time and then they don’t really care even then.

So the ruble you know crashes like 50%. The Russian economy goes bad and I’m sitting there thinking, oh man, that’s so messed up the way Russia is being treated, being stamped under the globalists thumb, you know, because they didn’t play ball. Their just getting stamped down. You know, but hey their borderline communist really, and you know the whole Cold War. I was alive during the nuclear age and so I’m not a real big fan of Russia. So you know I feel bad, but you know I mean, it is what it is, right?

Sigh, so Russia’s economy basically suffers because we engaged in economic warfare against Russia, ok? But now, now, we do, or somebody did on our side, the false flag again. A year ago Russia sat by and did nothing as those Tomahawk missiles were fired. This time Russia was a lot more ready. Do we really expect Russia to sit there and do nothing again? I mean how much kicking in the ribs is Russia gonna take? How much can you back the Russian bear into a corner before it just comes out clawing and thrashing every which way, right? I mean, can we really expect Russia to sit by and do nothing, again? So after all this happen Russia says okay, okay America, you overthrow Ukraine, you messed with a country right on our doorstep, everything was fine, then you try to overthrow and try to move in NATO right there, ok? We thought things were going good and then you just attacked us like that. Then you put economic sanctions on us so we’re, we’re gonna get you even. We’re gonna run a misinformation campaign in your free election and we’re gonna mess with you. We’re gonna mess with both candidates. We’re just gonna mess you up. We’re gonna leak things to Julian Assange. I mean we’re just gonna, we’re just gonna thrash you guys. We’re, we’re gonna play both of your parties political systems and just, and just, sow discord and just mess you up. Because that’s gonna be, that’s gonna be our payback for what you did, and, and they did. And they did a pretty darn good job. They hacked, what, Facebook, right? They hacked Twitter. They got all our social sites. They posted bad stuff on both parties. They played the government against both parties, selling fake information to Democrats and then turning around and selling fake information to Republicans, and then getting out of the way and watching them two fight it out, sitting there laughing, right? Because that’s what Russia’s good at, with the spy game. Russia’s really good at spying. Russia played the spy game with us for decades. So that was Russia’s counter move.

So what did we do, what did we do? We launched missiles, again, into Syria just escalating it even further. And then to add insult to injury, we’re claiming that Russia had something to, to, to, do with this. And there’s our President saying oh yeah, Russia you’re, you’re just as bad because you have allowed this to happen. Claiming that the Syrian government and that Russia did the chemical attack when it’s clear that Russia and the Syrian government, headed by Assad, would have to be brain-dead, mental retards, to actually do a chemical attack when they control 90% of the country and have won the war there, right? There’s no way that they had any hand in this and it’s so obvious to so many of us, and it’s got to be obvious to Trump to, right? But instead of Trump taking the high road, he just played the dirty game and there’s, there’s Fox News on there talking about, hardly being critical of any of this.

What he says, which by the way is gonna alleviate a lot of conflict in the future, when he says something people aren’t gonna try to test him, but it also sent a strong message to Russia and to Iran that we are serious about standing up for good order in this world, and standing with our allies, even if you bluster and Russia blustered, and I think at the end of the day they’re gonna do nothing about it.

Do we really expect Russia to do nothing again? Kick’em in the ribs a little bit more, right? Do we really expect Russia to do nothing. If Russia didn’t militarily strike back and they still may, we, we just don’t know. This is, it just happened minutes ago. The news is coming in. I’m getting the news just like you guys. I mean it doesn’t, nothing else in the stock market is, is going to matter. This is the only thing that really matters, okay? Nothing else. All the technicals that, don’t even waste your time doing technicals. Just watch the market and just watch these big news stories, trade war with China, and then at the very top Syria and a war with Russia, possibly. That’s all that’s going to matter for the stock market. All the tax cut that Trump did, oh yeah, cut taxes, that’s gonna be so good for the stock market. Nope. Nope. You just blew that up Trump.

And you can trace it back to the roots of Trump not, Trump got himself in this mess. He got himself in this mess. You can trace it back to the roots that he did not follow what his campaign promise was and that was to get us, we have no interest in Syria! Get us out of there! Get us home. How about the people in this country? Help us out, we’re struggling. We could barely afford an apartment for rent. Healthcare cost is crushing us. You know we have illegal aliens coming across this border and that were sitting there paying taxes are going to help them, while the citizens that are working hard are not getting jack! You know, fix these things. Oh yeah he, he was going to but op, there goes Syria.

So folks, I can no longer back this President. He did it to himself with his trolling Twitter. It’s too much stupid stuff that he said. I can’t defend what he, I mean look, this is what Russia media is playing right now and this is what the Russian populace is hearing about Donald Trump right now.

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Strikes um, but if we go back to the situation in Douma, there’s still no evidence of a chemical attack in Douma that we’ve seen, or compelling evidence that would necessitate a strike on this scale. Why do you think he decided to take military action at this time?

Oh I think preventing a real investigation in Douma was one of the reasons for it. Look, look let’s be clear. Even if the accusation of what happened in Douma was the work of the Syrian government were absolutely true, uh, this action would still not be justified in my opinion. It certainly would not be legal and certainly would not be time urgent. So what exactly is the big hurry here? The big hurry, in my opinion, is that you’ve got the inspectors on the ground in Damascus now, ready to go to the scene and confirm what I am morally convinced is the case, is that there was no attack in and even if, by some chance there were, and I don’t think there was, it certainly was not the work of the Syrian government just as we saw with the attack last year. I think this timing was directly involved to uh, directly, timed to make sure that inspection could not take place, especially after the Russian pointed the finger, and I think truthfully, at the British and because we know that MI-6 supports the white helmets. MI-6 is behind the Steele dossier. MI-6 was, was implicated in the Skripal poisoning in Salisbury. There are a lot of very dirty British fingerprints here and I wouldn’t be at all be surprised if Theresa May was very, very keen on pushing Donald Trump to move ahead on this as fast as possible.

Uh, we have a transcript of what he was supposed to have said, but he deviated from that a little bit, directing his comments directly to Iran and Russia, asking why they wanted to be associated with a murderous regime. Also, uh saying that hopefully someday the United States and Russia would get along, but then maybe not. He also said that these three countries the US, the UK and France have marshaled their righteous power against barbarism. Where do you think this decision could lead? Do you think that it could possibly spiral towards military conflict directly with Russia?

Yes of course it could and that’s what we need to see in the next day or so, however long this attack lasts. What exactly gets hit, are Russians killed. According to the reports I’ve seen you this is not just an isolated hit on an airbase somewhere. This is in Damascus. Who knows what other parts of the country. Who else is going to be the target of the strikes? I don’t know what the Russians will do in response. It’s not up to me to say what they should do in response to this. As far as what he said about Russia, he, he indicated something like this in a tweet the other day that we could do so much to help Russia with their economy, somehow suggesting to them that if they walk away from this evil, evil, uh, Bashar Al-Assad, we’re going to help them with their economic development. And, and there’s so many things wrong with that. To start with, are we gonna walk away from our dictatorial Saudi friends who are destroying Yemen? I don’t see anybody threatening anybody over that and, and, and, and and I, I think you also have to put that into the context of the expulsion of Russian diplomats on the Skripal hoax. The uh, the sanctions that were recently, uh, thrown at Russia by the United States, Britain and several other countries, uh that, uh a number of people are, are, uh, interpreting as aimed at regime change, an open invitation for oligarchs to get together and stage a coup in Russia. I don’t think anybody in Russia in their right mind would take what Mr. Trump said as anything really but a threat. You do what we say or we will destroy your economy. Well if you do we say, maybe we will help you then. I don’t think anybody should believe that.

Can you argue any of those points really? You can’t! It’s not even arguable. What do you do to counter that? You’re like, well, damn. I mean that’s, it’s, it’s, true, you know? What do you say? You can’t keep defending this guy okay? I think what Mueller’s doing is insane. I can’t stand the Democrats. I’ll probably never vote for a Democrat again because of what they’re doing with Mueller and their attempt to override the will of the American people and try to impeach Trump by doing this backdoor method, by manufacturing this fake stuff in the media and their mainstream liberal news channels. I’ll never vote for a Democrat again for the rest of my life, but with that being said, I can no longer support President Trump.

Black Swan Trump has done too many things that are negatively impacting the stock market, going against what he said he was gonna do, and this fool is gonna lead us into World War III. Folks, I’m almost wondering if I should back the Mueller in, investigation to get Trump impeached and get him out of office before he starts World War III. I mean, I, I won’t. I, I just entertain the, the concept. Because you’re thinking man, what if he really does start World War III? What if this Twitter Troll fool, I mean, he gets so mad and talks so much crap over Twitter that he’s, he’s revealing even national security secrets about what the military is gonna do. He’s so stupid he gets so caught up in the moment trolling. I mean that’s who we have as President! Realize it folks, look it’s right there, you can go to his Twitter channel! I’m not making any of this up!

So guys, I really hope that, I just, I really hope that Russia does not strike. I hope that Russia is too afraid with the fact that there’s France, UK, and the US involved and then Russia is like, you know what, I don’t wanna go there, and that Russia just kind of lets us kick’em a little bit more. You know I’m really hoping that Russia does not escalate this. Russia will though, counter strike, if it’s not militarily, they’ll reach out like they did in England and how that former Soviet spy and they killed him. They’ll do terror like that and scare people in, in, in creative ways that you’ll never se coming, like messing with our free elections.

We are an open soc, society. Russia can get us in a countless number of ways. That’s one of the drawbacks to being a free and open so, so, society, your easier to attack. I think 9/11 proved that to, to everyone and we’ve had to change things and get a little bit less freedoms in order to be a little bit more secure, but there’s, there’s so many ways that Russia can get us back, so we’re starting a Cold War again with Russia? Really.

We’re gonna go back to Cold War. I hated Cold War. I hated the nuclear family. That was me, the nuclear family. I remember being a kid and watching that nuclear show, was it Daisy, that little girl, or something, and that nuclear bomb going off, right? There was that show in the late 70s, I think, about nuclear war, or maybe early 80s, I was like 10 years old or something, and I mean nuclear weapons, and, and in schools, they did these nuclear you know, tests, and every, every month they would sound like this certain drill and that would be the event of like a nuclear attack on the country and you would have to like get under your desk. You know like, it’s so stupid because you know, obviously getting underneath your desk in a nuclear war isn’t gonna do much, but I guess it made the grown-ups feel better. I don’t know, but you know we did these constant drills everywhere, you know, getting ready in case of a nuclear war and where was the nearest fallout shelter, you know, so I really don’t want to go back to that folks where we get into a nuclear arms race again.

Russia starts building up their nukes again, and, and it’s like pointing at us, and then maybe Russia says forget this and they try to reestablish the USSR right, and the Soviet Union. They start taking down countries like dominoes. There like forget you, US as they start pushing back like we’re doing in Syria, right? They say, hey it’s in our interests so we’re gonna go ahead and take, you don’t think that Russia could take the other half and take all of Ukraine if they wanted to? Russia’s big enough, and they have way more hardware and artillery than we do in that area. You know this is just, Trump is just been a complete failure, a disaster, and he could very well cause World War III folks. So I finally come to this realization after you know what his second year in, in office? I can no longer support this President I’m, I like the America First agenda and certain things but what good is the America First agenda if this idiot causes World War III and a nuclear war, right? This fool could blow up the world. I mean, he’s nuts, okay, I mean look at his Twitter trolling. Look at, look at how he flips, says one thing and then his excuse is I never said, an attack in Syria, when an attack in Syria would take place, like a little 13-year-old kid. You know they say that when people get older they start acting more childish. Maybe, you know, a guy in his 70s, maybe that’s a little too old folks. Maybe we have to start looking at that next time, you know, gee if the guys over 70 maybe I don’t want to vote for him. You know if he’s gonna be more immature and childish, maybe I don’t want his finger on the nuclear button, you know what I mean?

I can’t believe I voted for a Twitter Troll! Damn! I didn’t see that coming, right? I did not see that coming! I did not think that, that our President was gonna turn into a Twitter Troll and divulge military and national security secrets over Twitter in a flame war with, with Russia, trolling Russia. Damn!

So, alright guys, that, I just erased the entire show. I’m not, I did all the charts. I filmed the entire show. Was, was ready to go and literally within 30 seconds of filming the show, boom, all these alerts that I have, smart phone alerts, friends, other traders, boom, boom started texting me, Lance, Trump just, Trump just authorized a military strike in Syria! I’m like what? What? Nothing else matters now. Why should I even come out with the show and we go over all the charts like zombies, okay let’s go over the charts every week, duh, right. It doesn’t matter. The catalyst is this Syrian conflict and I don’t expect Russia to just sit there. At some point were gonna keep kicking the bear, and the bear’s gonna lash out and strike back.

Sigh. Folks, folks, I know you guys are like gonna hate me. Lance, what’s that rambling rant? I just, I just thought I owed it to you guys to tell you why I just deleted, wasted you know an hour of my time filming this Saturday show, that I just scrapped. I just thought I owed it to you guys to not sit there and come out with that same old video and just be like all, just doing the same old stuff.

You know and I really wanted to tell you what my feelings are on Trump as many of you guys were right there with me, as I backed then candidate Trump. I explained macroeconomics, microeconomics, I refreshed myself on these economics courses and then did a series of videos explaining what Trump is talking about, showing supply and demand charts and proving that this was gonna work to help the e, economy, what he was planning. I mean you guys know, I spent a lot of time and effort investing myself into him and I just gotta tell you guys that I’ve now parted with him.

I still like some of the stuff he’s doing but I would not, I am no longer a supporter of Trump. I have no idea if I’m even going to vote the next time, but I can tell you I’m not voting for Trump. If we can even make it through the end of four years, I’m not sure. I’m really concerned about Trump’s inability to get along with other countries and his over handed use of the military. He’s letting the Generals run the show, the people that have made it a career on warfare. Yeah, let’s let them run the country. What do you think is gonna happen, right? So what, what this is gonna lead to, I mean, you understand how many ways that Russia could get us? Do you understand that Russia has nuclear weapons that can fit into a briefcase that’s shielded from satellite? That they just get one of those briefcases into our country in a major city and detonate it and boom! And no one’s gonna admit that they’re the ones that set off a nuclear suitcase bomb in New York City, killing over 1 million people, right? I mean the next attack could make 9/11 look like nothing, right?

Remember when George Bush got in there and started being heavy with the military, 9/11 came along. You know how many enemies every single one of those Tomahawk missiles that were fired over there, is going to create in that area of the world, and with Russia and other people, and in other countries? And we’re an open society. We can’t act like that. We can’t because we could be hit so many ways. I could tell you so many ways. What if they get into some of our food processing plants? You know those frozen dinners we all go buy at the grocery store? What if they get in there with some, some kind of chemical agent, or what’s that stuff that’s common in like the dirt? I can’t think of it. You, you guys know what it is, that white powdery substance, right, to sprinkle that in, in you know, tamper with, with one of the machines that’s shooting those frozen dinners through it, 100 every five minutes, chuck, chuck, chuck. Sprinkle a little bit of that stuff in there, right? Wipeout 30,000 of us just like that, boom. Right? No one is going to admit to doing it. We don’t know who did it, and everyone’s gonna be like we didn’t do it, no one’s going to admit it. What’s Trump gonna do then? Ok I’ll go to nuclear war against all the countries because somebody did it! You know. I mean, guys! Guys!

I, I just, I’m just, I’m so up upset right now guys. I’m so disappointed in Trump. Alright guys, so hey man, love you guys. Thanks for listening to my long rant, you know. It is important in stock trading because it’s, this is what’s gonna matter next week is Syria. Don’t worry about charts. Don’t, don’t do anything with charts man, I mean in the live moment of trading next week, we’ll be watching charts, sure, sure, and what the markets do, but over the weekend, going on what happened last week and trying to predict what’s gonna happen next week, with something like this Syria, as, war going on, this escalation and what is Russia gonna do and you know, what, what is Iran gonna do? That’s a friend of Russia’s and of Syria’s. So all the charting from last week is, is not relevant, right? So we got to live in the present. We can’t extrapolate the past because we have a new catalyst now, we kind of thought that this was gonna happen a little bit, you know, the, the probability was kind of high, but now that it’s happened, this is the catalyst. This is the thing to watch. Alright you guys, love you, stay safe.

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