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How Will Globalists Respond To Trump and The US

Posted by on November 24, 2016 11:30 AM
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We know what Trump is bringing to the globalists brawl that has already begun with shots like China threatening a trade war against the US. Globalists are not going just to roll over quietly for a Trump Administration.

Lisa Haven thinks that globalists could crash the US economy in response to Trump’s win. Lisa thinks globalists could even try to assassinate Trump.

I think Lisa Haven is a bit too far on the side of paranoia, but I like hearing alternative views and some of the excellent points she makes. Regardless if you agree with Lisa Haven or not, one thing is clear that we can all agree on. Stock prices are not up because of fundamentals but on risky speculation on a Trump win which begs the question. Are we being set up for a big stock market crash?

  • Well the cards are at play the banking scandals are repeating it self not to mention did any bankster go to jail hell no. The movie the big short makes the same point, we are following the same pattern. I follow the swing trade but am I caution yes, so much now then ever, not to mention they have to crash it because the lost major control in the United States. To win sits in the house of senates and congress you blame the other party for disaster economical plan. Globalist now know the must crash it. They know it and we know it. Why, trade will be renegotiated TTP is out and so is NAFTA, NATO is going to have less fund as well as the UN. Look at Europe hell look on south of our border. Mexico is in crisis mode with peso at that level like in the 90s many company’s that borrowed in dollars cannot pay back there debt. Finally, There has always been a crash after a two term President it never fails.

    • Cautiously optimistic is a good phrase to borrow from Donald J. Trump . Mexico’s peso was overvalued. Now we get to see the true value of Mexico without the US to prop it up. Hope they did lots of reforms and work on their own domestic market because we don’t want to see the peso fall too far.