CNBC and CNN are running headlines about an “official document” released by the Chinese that shows the U.S. is to blame for the failed trade talks.

That’s rich. So with Google syndicating CNBC and CNN stories at the top of its news search results, the MSM and Google are basically spreading anti-American Chinese “fake news” propaganda to the American public. Note that we don’t spread propaganda to the Chinese people because Google and most other U.S. sites are blocked in China. Once again it’s China, by way of the MSM and Google, trying to sway U.S. public opinion in their favor.

What if the Chinese actually write some of the stories published in the MSM and syndicated by Google? Oh wait, that’s already common practice. Imagine if we did something like this to the Chinese, in their newspapers? You would think that a country like China that is so sensitive about dis-allowing foreign interests to publish stories in their own newspapers would have the respect to not do the same thing to others.

China Should Be Kicked Out of the WTO

China should be kicked out of the WTO. After all, China’s goal of being accepted into the WTO in 2001 was never about signing on to a global free-trade fraternity. Instead, China knew that with its communist regime owning the means of production, it could subsidize the cost of anything with tax dollars to produce any item cheaper than free-market economies. How do we know that this was the goal of the Chinese from the start? Just look at China’s record of following WTO rules since it was accepting into the WTO in 2001. Below is a video on just a few of China’s broken trade agreements since 2001.

Why isn’t CNBC running stories about all the trade agreements China has broken since being accepted into the WTO in 2001? Where was CNBC, CNN, or any other MSM outlet calling attention to how China’s cheating and lies were destroying millions of good paying jobs over the last 18 years? When did CNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, ever expose how corporations were gladly selling out US workers and moving supply chains over to an ideological enemy of freedom like Communist China?

China should be kicked out of the WTO. If the WTO wasn’t a corrupt organization, they would have kicked China out in 2005 when it was clear that after 4 years, China wasn’t going to abide by the same free and fair trade rules as everybody else. Instead, big money flowed into the WTO and got its un-elected members to turn the other cheek. The money that corrupted the WTO came from not only China, but from U.S. corporations that wanted to profit off of outsourcing and selling products in China’s emerging markets.

Headlines from CNBC and MSNBC how China has released an “official document” detailing how the Trump Administration is responsible for failed trade negotiations is a not-funny joke. Without the Trump Administration’s Nationalism and move away from Corporate Globalism, we wouldn’t even be negotiating with the Chinese on trade in the first place.

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