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Computer and Technology Portfolio Up 1,018% Since June 2017

The Computer and Technology portfolio is up more than 1,000% over the last 8 months easily beating every other newsletter service.

Guerilla Stock Trading nine best stocks to own now

What is my secret to picking winning stocks?

Most of my stock picks are winners because the company themselves are winners. I like to win in whatever I do. Don’t you?

That’s why I dislike AI car technology. Who wants to just GET from point A to point B. I want to WIN. Be honest, so do most of you.

With all the noise on Wall Street and the fancy newsletters that trade options or have some secret stock patterns they want to teach you, a very simple truth is lost. The #1 reason a stock goes up is not because of a stock chart. It’s because of fundamentals.

Best stock screener

You want to use fundamental metrics to find winning companies. Then you use technical analysis to better time your long entry. Technical analysis is a representation of fundamentals in a virtual stock market world.

Winning companies have growing revenue. They are selling a product or service to a consumer who wants more of it. Growing sales and revenue is the most important criteria you can use to hit absolutely monster winners.

Don’t be a kangaroo. Jumping from stock to stock might satisfy your inner-bi-polar tendencies but it’s going to cause you to get out of a winning stock much too early. Jumping in the street in front of a truck just because you like the way a chart looks is seldom a winning strategy. It’s more of a boom/bust sort of thing. Remember the rule: let your winners run but cut your losers short.

Being a winner takes a lot of work. I spend 8 hours a day doing research. I chart about 500 stocks a day. Some days I find only 1 stock that looks compelling. Some days I find none. It’s a bummer spending 8 hours a day looking at charts and financials only to find nothing. I spend a lot of time researching. I’m a Virgo so I love research, most days. It’s hard work and for most traders, they don’t want to spend 8 hours a day looking at charts and financial statements. Honestly, some days I don’t want to either. My point is, there’s no shortcut. There is no get rich easy and quick methodology. It takes hard work, discipline, and time.

How I hit 8 100 percent plus winners for premium members

Ok so I don’t like to brag too much about the performance of GuerillaStockTrading picks but if I don’t, no one else will.

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The stock screener I used to find AAXN right before it jumped 179 percent

Sofi AI Market Sentiment Gauge

SOFI artificial intelligence market gauge

Picture of SOFI artificial intelligence

Market is fairly valued.