Day Trading: Do Your Homework First

Thinking of breaking into the day trading industry? If you're sitting at your desk and dreaming about how you can make money as a day trader, realize that though your dream is an achievable one.

It isn't something to be taken lightly. Just because you've always been good with numbers and feel like you have a strong sense of where markets are headed doesn't mean you've got what it takes to be a day trader. To truly hack it in this ultra-competitive industry, you need to arm yourself with knowledge that puts you a cut above the rest. One of the best ways to do so is reading up on terms, tricks and techniques used by industry insiders before you begin trading yourself.

Taking the time to learn about volume divergence, trading from open orders, and how to avoid false breakouts at the outset puts you miles ahead of traders who attempt trial by fire with little background knowledge. Before you know it, you'll be teaching others the secrets of your day trading success!

I also recommend that you pay a professional day trader to allow you to look over this shoulder as he trades. You need someone to show you the tools and actually how to find stocks, and when to sell them. I know a great trader who will allow you to do that. Not only do you get to see his trades, but he has a private chat room where you can see his moderators making trades also. Some of his more popular moderators/traders are Matt and Luke. He gives you no more than 3 to 5 trades per week with entry price levels. You sell when you have a 5% to 10% gain. You can check out this awesome day trader at