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Disney stock chart with rising large players volume.

Disney Large Players Volume Surging Higher

Disney stock is really starting to move with a big surge in large players volume in the wake of their two mega-box office hits Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

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Sports gambling is coming quickly to about a dozen states after the Supreme Court opened the door to the practice. States are hungry for the tax revenue, which could be as much as $3.4 billion per year. Morgan Stanley said media companies like Disney should also benefit from increased advertising on live sports content.

Disney stock is coming off of a double bottom. I’m calling a bottom in Disney stock from the February market correction. I think Disney stock makes a run back to its 52 week high at $113.19.

Disney stock coming off a double bottom.

Major resistance levels below $103 were just taken out.

Disney stock chart with rising large players volume.

Large players volume is blasting off like a rocket in Disney stock. The Twiggs Money Flow has just gone positive for the first time since March 2018. The MACD looks very strong.

Disney is a core holding in the Consumer Discretionary portfolio. New Premium members should note that I like to trade in and out of the core stocks.

Disclosure: I went long Disney stock today.

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