The reason we are losing the economic war with China goes back to Democrats and the Clinton Administration back in the 90s. The 90s really set the “free trade” framework which was responsible for the loss of America’s manufacturing sector.

Republicans under President Bush continued the “free trade” policies of the 90s which culminated in the acceptance of China into the World Trade Organization. It was payoffs, bribes, and corruption at the highest levels of government that allowed a communist country like China into the WTO.

President Obama continued the corrupt policies of his predecessors because he was bought and paid for by special interest groups that supported offshoring and outsourcing.

China successfully paid off the mainstream media inside the U.S. which completely ignored and blocked stories about the destruction of the U.S. manufacturing sector. Both Republicans and Democrats gave China “most favored nation” trading status while enriching themselves through outsourcing and offshoring. The Establishment mainstream media inside the U.S. did not serve the interests of the average American. Instead, the mainstream media corporate oligopoly manufactured its own version of reality that completely hid the fact that both Republicans and Democrats sold off vast swaths of our economy to the Chinese and Mexico and hid it under the guise of “free trade”. I published an article explaining how Adam Smith’s and David Ricardo’s “free trade” has been perverted here.

Max and Stacy of the Keiser Report discuss how the U.S. is in an economic war with China and that we are losing badly.

America’s manufacturing capacity went over to China and so we had a Rust Belt that voted for President Trump.

But when did this actually become an issue in the U.S.? This become an issue in America when Hollywood found out that China was playing their movies over there and they weren’t getting their money so suddenly it’s a trade war because Warner Brothers didn’t get their check this month from China.

But the Rust Belt got eviscerated as millions of Americans lost good paying manufacturing jobs to China and little was reported in the media for over a decade.

The poor people produced as the result of outsourcing to China mattered little to the corporate controlled media. It wasn’t until their own corporate profits were impacted that they began running critical stories on China.

Source: Keiser Report YouTube

The most important movie to watch about the economic war with China is Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base. The movie was produced by my economics teacher Peter Navarro. Peter Navarro is also President Trumps chief trade advisor. Every American needs to watch this movie because you can’t rely on the mainstream media to report this:

Source: Death By China YouTube