The mainstream media in the U.S. is using fake news to describe what is happening in France with the Yellow Vests protests. What is happening in France is a straight-up rejection by the people of Globalism and the One World Order.

Globalism versus Nationalism has reached around the world as people reject the One World Government Order of Globalism.

The corporate controlled mainstream media in the U.S. does not want the American public to know what is really going on with average people rejecting Globalism because they benefit from Globalism. Instead, U.S. mainstream media wants to isolate President Trump and only report news that supports their own anti-Trump ideology so that they can assure that President Trump is a one-term President.

As stock traders, we can’t afford to listen to fake news in the mainstream media because we will be completely blindsided by a market moving event like the overthrow of the French government.

Remember, when it comes to stock trading and investing, Globalism is good for the stock market whether you personally agree with Globalism or not. I do not like Globalism nor do I like corporate control of the mainstream media and U.S. government. However, big corporate oligopolies do the best financially in a world without borders or restrictions on trade, and the better these oligopolies do, the more the stock market goes up. While at a personal level, I support Nationalism, when it comes to investing and trading, I’m keenly aware of what an open-rebellion of the One World Order will do to stock markets around the world. My main goal is not to sell you on Nationalism, and I’m sorry if that seems like what I do. Instead, my goal is to make you always aware of the real news and battle regarding Globalism versus Nationalism so that you can make better investing decisions and are not blind-sided by a big market moving event.

It’s important that you understand who Macron is, his background, and how he came to power in France.

Below is a great explanation by our friend across the pond, Paul Joseph Watson, about what is really going on with the Yellow Vests protests in France.

Mainstream Fake News On Yellow Vest Protests In France