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HTGM chart is basing as the MACD has gone positive

Institutional Ownership Up 265 Percent In HTG Molecular Diagnostics

Institutional ownership is up an incredible 265 percent in HTG Molecular Diagnostics. The institutional buying is most likely concentrated within a few institutional traders as evidenced by the fact that only 3 analysts are following this company.

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Of the 3 analysts following HTG Molecular Diagnostics stock, all 3 give it a buy rating. What’s crazy is the average target price of $6.67 which represents 94% upside from the current price!

HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. develops and markets products and services based on proprietary technology that facilitates the routine use of targeted molecular profiling.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics reported earnings on March 22, 2018. The company reported EPS of ($0.15) which beat the consensus estimates of ($0.30). Revenue also beat coming in at $7.9 million during the quarter, versus the $7.05 million estimate.

Revenue has grown by a jaw-dropping 187.56% in the past year! Measured over the last 5 years, revenue has been growing by an incredible 60.16% yearly.

HTGM works with major companies like Merck, Illumina, and Qiagen. These collaboration agreements are driving the incredible revenue growth.

Don’t get overly excited though about the fundamentals on HTG Molecular Diagnostics. There’s a reason the stock is so cheap. The company has a negative P/E. Also, compared to an average industry current ratio of 3.22, the company is worse placed to pay its short term obligations than its industry peers. A whopping 91% of its industry peers have a better current ratio. In other words, this company is no market leader in its industry. In fact, the company engages in stock issuance in order to pay the bills which puts a downward pressure on share price.

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HTG Molecular Diagnostics stock is a play on growth and attempting to capture the next spike upward in the stock.

I would categorize this stock as a dumpster diver play where we are going through the trash, looking for oversold stocks that could spike upward over the coming days and weeks.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics Stock Chart

HTGM chart is basing as the MACD has gone positive

HTGM presents a good setup opportunity. The stock is basing and the idea is to capture the next price spike. The MACD has just gone positive which could signal that a price spike is coming within the next few days. Prices have been consolidating lately and the volatility has been reduced. There is a very little resistance above the current price. There is a support zone below the current price at $3.37, a stop order could be placed below this zone.

My business partner Jason Bond, who just gave away another Porsche to his third student who has become a millionaire, is stalking HTGM. If the stock spikes higher over the coming days, you’ll know Jason and his army of traders are in.

Disclosure: As Premium members know, I went long HTGM today.

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