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IMMU chart with big 38 percent win.

Sell IMMU For a 38% Win!

Sell Immunomedics for a 38% win in 62 days and congratulations if you made money on the trade.

It’s funny that this article I wrote on IMMU for Seeking Alpha was rejected by them. First they said the article was too focused towards short term trading, which was wrong. Then they just denied it for no reason. That’s when I decided that Seeking Alpha couldn’t trade their way out of a paper-bag and they promised to pay financial writers $30 an article but didn’t have the money to do that, and so rejected articles for bogus reasons.

IMMU chart with big 38 percent win.

In your face Seeking Alpha!

Told you so

This monster win deserves some Mike Dawes and Jake Allen “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”:

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