Sell TEUM for a loss. Something is seriously wrong with TEUM as management always makes these great sounding PRs and earnings reports but the stock just keeps going down. TEUM Shareholders paid (via dilution) $30.5MM for net $2.5MM of assets over liabilities – which then required the Post Road loan they finally paid back with (up to) 50M share dilution.

TEUM is trying to compete against Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other giant cloud services firms. I think TEUM will lose the battle. Short selling firms know this and so they keep relentlessly targeting the stock making it impossible for us to make money on the long side.

My gut told me not to buy into a small cap company that is competing against Amazon, Microsoft, and Google but I didn’t listen to it. I got too caught up in the marketing hype of the company.

Lesson learned: Never startup or buy into a company that is competing against the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google because in the end, that’s a losing battle.