After TherapeuticsMD issued a warning in June following disappointing first-quarter results released in May, investors were not sure the company’s branded estradiol inserts and Imvexxy were going to sell well. Last week’s earnings report put those worries to rest.

There were around 106,000 Imvexxy prescriptions in the second quarter, which was 41% more than during the first three months of the year. The company’s estradiol treatment’s popularity is increasing too. In July, the company recorded 45,500 prescriptions bought and paid for.

Robert G. Finizio, TherapeuticsMD, Co-Founder, CEO & Director said during the earnings call on August 6, 2019:

“Net revenue for IMVEXXY came in at approximately $3.12 million, above our financial guidance range of $2.5 million to $3.0 million. IMVEXXY net revenue was up 55% in the second quarter as compared to the previous quarter of this year.

We launched BIJUVA on April 17 and recorded approximately $134,000 in BIJUVA net revenue for the partial quarter. Combined, our FDA-approved drugs came in at approximately $3.25 million in net revenue for the quarter.

Moving to prenatal vitamins, net revenue came in at approximately $2.80 million for the second quarter, above our financial guidance in the range of $2.0 million to $2.5 million. Dan will review the financial results in more detail later in the presentation.”

Supertrend indicator gives a buy signal on Thursday, August 8, 2019.

I’m thinking this stock could easily run back up to $6 per share.

I’d like to see what happens on Monday, after Friday’s long upper shadow candlestick. If we get a little retracement or gap fill, that would be a most excellent setup IMO.

This is a high risk, high reward turnaround play. TXMD stock does not meet the requirements for inclusion in the GST Portfolio.

Disclosure: I do not hold any position in TXMD stock.

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