Made in China 2025, Dictator Xi, and Wan Shi Shan one belt, one road, and Huawei’s 5G rollout, game set and match. China is hitting the world with the most extraordinary ambitious audacious geopolitical roll-up in mankind’s history.

If you look at the Peloponnesian War, Athens, Sparta, there’s not one example in human history where the so-called rising power was financed by the Elites of the declining power.

What happened to the U.S.?

Steve Bannon examines this and more in a powerful speech he gave on June 3, 2019, on the CPDC threat. Retail stock traders need to be aware of what’s really going on that Wall Street and the mainstream corporate media have been hiding from us for the last 19 years.

Latest Corporate Globalist News Attacks Against Trump Administration