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Warnings For Biotech Stocks, Play Fair Or Face The Consequences

The biotech stocks I pushed out to subscribers every Sunday had quite a week this week. Check out these huge wins:

IMMU = +13.6%
LXRX = +3.3%
ASLN = +15%
AUPH = +7%
AXSM = +237%
SAGE = +42%

Hard to believe right? Check out the Sunday article for yourself here.

But there’s a major problem this week. Most of the incredible gains you see above happened on a gap up open Monday because the data releases/PDUFAs were announced Sunday night and Monday morning in pre-market trading!

Here is a special message to these biotech companies that released data outside regular market hours last week. You suck dust balls.

People have waited a long time for your data release and pushing out a release on a Monday before the market opens and causing your stock to do a gap up open robs most traders from realizing excellent gains on your stocks.

What? You don’t want speculators in your stock anyways?

Investors/traders are in no mood to put up with your biotech stock BS. In fact, we are in no mood to put up with any of your shenanigans like stock dilution, conversions, splits, or empty promises. In this market, we investors/traders will simply dump your pathetic hyped micro-cap POS and walk away and you’ll have to resort to using penny stock promoters to try and lure people back which you’ll fail miserable at that too because, face it, you promise stuff for years and hardly ever deliver and you certainly never meet your deadlines. If you don’t do everything to make sure the maximum number of traders can profit in your stocks, we’re all going to walk away and you’ll have to turn to banks to raise money as you’ll destroy your capability of raising money in capital markets. In this high risk, rising rates market, we’re in no mood to put up with your BS.

I understand that not all the companies I listed above fall into this “you suck dust balls” category but you have been warned and kudos to your bot crawlers that crawl the web looking for anyone who mentions your company.

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