FCEL = ExxonMobil (XOM) and FuelCell Energy (FCEL) said they have signed a new, two-year expanded joint-development agreement to further enhance carbonate fuel cell technology for the purpose of capturing carbon dioxide from industrial facilities. The agreement, worth up to $60 million, will focus efforts on optimizing the core technology, overall process integration and large-scale deployment of carbon capture solutions. ExxonMobil is exploring options to conduct a pilot test of next-generation fuel cell carbon capture solution at one of its operating sites. FuelCell Energy’s proprietary technology uses carbonate fuel cells to efficiently capture and concentrate carbon dioxide streams from large industrial sources. Combustion exhaust is directed to the fuel cell, which produces power while capturing and concentrating carbon dioxide for permanent storage. The modular design enables the technology to be deployed at a wide range of locations, which could lead to a more cost efficient path for large-scale deployment of carbon capture and sequestration.

HPQ = Xerox (XRX) has made a cash-and-stock takeover offer to HP Inc. (HPQ) that includes a “real premium” to the current share price, CNBC’s David Faber reports, citing sources. Xerox sees $2B of potential synergies, possibly up to $3B, Faber adds. Xerox also believes the combined company would be investment grade. Xerox is in “full bear hug mode” and is committed to a deal, says Faber. Shares of HP are up 16% to $21.34 in premarket trading while Xerox is down 4% to $35.

OESX = Reports Q2 revenue $48.3M, consensus $36.48M. Mike Altschaefl, Orion’s CEO and Board Chair, commented, “Our Q2 and first half of FY’20 performance reflects the continued successful execution of a large turnkey design-build-install project for LED lighting systems and controls in our national accounts business. Importantly, our cost discipline, combined with the operating leverage achieved as our business scales, yielded solid improvements in our Q2 gross margin, net income and EBITDA. We are maintaining our FY’20 revenue goal range of $135M to $145M. Given our record first half revenue and sales pipeline development, it is possible we will exceed this range. Driving our revenue goals and expectations are a range of actions designed to tap the competitive advantage we have developed as a proven turnkey provider of integrated LED lighting systems, controls and IoT solutions for major national accounts. Our nimble team and streamlined decision making enable Orion to provide a full suite of customized services with high levels of customer service that are unmatched in the marketplace. In the past few months, we have added four veteran sales executives to our national accounts team, deepening our industry expertise and broadening our base of large customer relationships. They were eager to join Orion because they believe the quality, value and long-term ROI of our product plus turnkey solutions will resonate with large accounts. Though it can take as much as a year or more for new sales executives to become fully productive, we have already substantially expanded our base of national account engagement. We are increasingly seeing lighting controls, sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities playing an important role in the decision making process around LED lighting systems. Our lighting systems can serve as a smart ceiling grid, providing both a light source and a network that can host a range of controls and IoT systems to deliver even greater efficiency and business productivity. As a result, controls are becoming an increasingly important component of overall project revenue in more projects we are quoting. Orion’s controls/IoT strategy has been to remain technology agnostic, allowing us to offer a wide range of solutions, as compared to competitors with fewer options or those who committed to a specific technology. We view the incremental value our customers can gain from these solutions as an important differentiator and growth driver for our business. In summary, we are very pleased with the state of the business and have a positive outlook. We continue to expect the national account segment to be a primary driver of our business, not only from existing retail, automotive, public sector and other existing accounts, but also from new customer relationships. We also expect improvement from our energy service company and agency driven distribution channels. We have developed solid momentum within the industry, and believe we are positioning the Company to build on recent success in all areas of our business.”

CYBR = Reports Q3 revenue $108.1M, consensus $103.08M. “Q3 was another strong quarter for CyberArk,” said Udi Mokady, CyberArk Chairman and CEO. “We delivered revenue growth of 28%, a non-GAAP operating margin of 27% and signed 200 new customers. Our results demonstrate our strong execution, leadership position in the market and the robust demand environment for our solutions. Organizations around the world recognize that Privileged Access Management is critical to a successful security program and are leveraging CyberArk to secure access across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments as well as the DevOps pipeline.”