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Sell Illumina For a 27% Win

Posted by on April 10, 2017 5:43 PM
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April 10, 2017: Sell Illumina for a 27% win and congrats if you made money on the trade.

January 31, 2017: Illumina beats on earnings and revenue. Illumina reports Q4 EPS of $0.85 versus the $0.81 estimate. Illumina also beat on revenue coming in at $619 million versus the $614 million estimate.

The CEO said, “Research and development (R&D) expenses for the fourth quarter of 2016 were $129.9 million, or 21.0% of revenue, compared to $114.3 million, or 19.3% of revenue, in the prior year period…made significant progress on key R&D programs as evidenced by the launch of NovaSeq, a brand new architecture that delivers the most powerful, flexible sequencer ever created, once again redefining the trajectory of sequencing.”

January 9, 2017: Illumina says that the new ‘Novaseq’ DNA sequencer will be able to sequence a human genome in one hour (versus current technology that takes over 24 hours). Illumina said this at the JP Morgan conference.

Also at the JP Morgan conference today, Illumina and Bio-Rad launched a solution for single-cell genomic sequencing to enable robust study of complex diseases. They announced the launch of the IlluminaBio-RadSingle-Cell Sequencing Solution at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. The comprehensive solution is the first next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow for single-cell analysis, providing researchers the ability to investigate the coordinated contribution of individual cells in tissue function, disease progression, and therapeutic response.

Single-cell analysis enables a deep view into the gene expression of individual cells to understand their functions in complex tissues. The solution delivers high-throughput sequencing of thousands of individual cells, traditionally a challenging, costly, and time-consuming process. Human development and disease research, fields in which single-cell sequencing is widely applicable, is expected to benefit most from this new offering.

Illumina executive said, “By offering cell biologists access to technologies that make single-cell analysis cost effective and easy to adopt, we hope to enable scientists to advance complex disease research using gene expression insights. Our collaboration with Bio-Rad has allowed us to bring this technology to market quickly and empower our customers to unlock the power of the genome to improve human health.”

January 5, 2017: Hearing takeover rumors circulating about Illumina. The rumor is that Roche may be interested in acquiring Illumina. The rumors appear to be coming from a Spanish press report:

Illumina Stock Chart

Illumina is transforming human health as the global leader in sequencing and array-based technologies.


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