Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) I Told You So

Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) crashed 58% today to close just off 90 cents per share. We sold over a week ago at $1.80.

I had subscribers contacting me about selling at $1.80. It's going to $9, they said. Why did I sell it? I did a 20 minute video explaining why I sold SNPK about a week ago. I made it into a lesson that you can use to help you make killer profits trading penny stocks. I talked about what the chart showed and the psychology behind the volatility. I even showed you how to value penny stocks or to figure out how the market is valuing a penny stock so that you can better make up your mind if a stock is over valued without needing to use the P/E or P/S ratios.

I had another subscriber post on the Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) Stock Pick Of The Year video about how I need to change the title of that video now that the stock has plunged 58%. What an idiot. I made 160% in Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) in 2 weeks. It is the stock pick of the year for us. No other stock in the last year have we made that much money (I'm not counting my 400%+ gain in ILMN because that was done with options and not the actual underlying stock itself). Until I make more than 160% in another stock, Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) will remain our stock pick of the year.

Folks, there are many people out there that like drama. It's like their in prison and they have to pick a gang to follow. They decide early on whether they are a bull pumper, or a bear basher. They then troll videos and message forums using alias handles to argue with members of the opposite group. They find this fun. It's entertaining for them. They like the social drama behind stock trading. Let me make something clear if you're a new reader of or a subscriber to the Stock Trading Master channel. That sort of behavior will result in you being banned. A mantra of the Stock Trading Master channel is that there's only one reason to be involved with stocks, and that's to make money. Any sort of entertainment that you get out of stock trading is a distant second to making money. The only reason you should be involved in the stock market is to make money. Period.

If you didn't listen to me and take your profits when I did, you are stupid. You blew it. You are a loser. You lost on this trade. You got too greedy and you were that monkey that couldn't let go of the fruit when the cage was closed on your arm. All you saw was how much money you could make and you wanted more, and more, and more. You have nobody to blame but yourself. You're a fat greedy pig and it did you in on this trade. Always remember, bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered. Don't be a pig.

You have to let the market guide your actions, not your emotions. I did a 20 minute lesson on why I sold SNPK over a week ago. I showed you from a technical perspective why the market told me to sell and book profits. I showed you from a fundamental analysis perspective how the market had valued SNPK at nearly $800,000,000 which was dumb for a start-up vitamin company.

Some of you have asked if I'll get back in SNPK. My answer is no. A 58% plunge in 1 day on this kind of heavy volume is reason enough for me to delete this stock from my watch list and move on to better, more reasonably valued penny stocks.

In this video, I'm going to give you a master level lecture and a real butt kicking. If you survive the video, you'll come out a better trader from it. Man up and enjoy.