SuperCom $SPCB Stock Explodes Higher On Massive Insider Buy

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SPCB stock exploded more than 60% higher on December 30, 2021, after the company revealed that the Chairman purchased 512,000 shares. The tactic of purchasing a lot of shares and then running a PR advertising that fact to pump up the stock seems to have worked, at least for the time being.

SuperCom Chairman Purchased 512,000 SPCB Shares In the Open Market

On December 30, 2021, SuperCom Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPCB), a global provider of Multi-Identity, IoT, Connectivity, and Cyber Security solutions for the global Public and Private Sectors, today announced that its Chairman of the Board, Mr. Arie Trabelsi, has notified the Company that he has purchased recently 512,000 SPCB shares in the open market, as part of his purchase program to purchase up to 3 million SPCB shares in the Open Market.

“I believe the SPCB current stock price levels do not reflect the high intrinsic value of the company. This recent 512,000 SPCB shares purchase and my purchase program provides me the ability to opportunistically acquire SuperCom shares and underscores my ongoing belief in the Company,” commented Mr. Arie Trabelsi, Chairman of the Board of SuperCom.

Under the Chairman purchase program, the Chairman may purchase shares in open market transactions or through other authorized methods. The extent to which the Chairman purchases SuperCom shares, and the timing of such additional purchases are at the discretion of the Chairman and will depend upon market conditions and regulatory requirements.

Since 1988, SuperCom has been a leading global provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, providing advanced safety, identification, and security solutions to governments and organizations, both private and public, throughout the world. Through its proprietary e-Government platforms and innovative solutions for traditional and biometrics enrollment, personalization, issuance, and border control services, SuperCom has inspired governments and national agencies to design and issue secured Multi-ID documents and robust digital identity solutions to its citizens and visitors. SuperCom offers advanced, secure mobile payments ranging from mobile wallet to mobile POS, using a set of components and platforms to enable secure mobile payments and financial services. SuperCom is a global provider of a superior all-in-one field-proven RFID & mobile PureSecurity advanced solutions suite, accompanied by advanced complementary services for various industries, including healthcare and homecare, security and safety, community public safety, law enforcement, electronic monitoring, livestock monitoring, and building and access automation.

SuperCom’s Cyber Security Division Selected by Government Security Agency and Cyber Security Enterprises to Grow their Cyber Security Protection Programs

On December 20, 2021, SuperCom (NASDAQ: SPCB) announced that its cyber security division, Safend, a data protection and cybersecurity company, has been selected by a government security agency and cyber security enterprises to grow their existing Cybersecurity Protection programs. Orders from these customers alone are expected to exceed $350,000 in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Safend provides government agencies and enterprise organizations a broad range of competitive and well-known encryption and data protection solutions. These programs are expected to include up to tens of thousands of end-point machines, as well as integration with existing government infrastructure and systems. The Safend Protection Suite modules Protector, Reporter and AVScan Integration are included in these programs.

Supercom’s Cybersecurity division sales in Q4 2021 are expected to reflect growth over the first three quarters of 2021 and Q4 2020.

“We are pleased to have been selected again by these sophisticated organizations, long-term customers of our Cyber Security division, signaling to the confidence large governmental and enterprise organizations have in Safend’s industry-leading solutions. Many of these organizations deal with critical data and have access to the best cyber security technologies in the world. We are honored to assist them in expanding their end-point security measures by utilizing our technology and frameworks, and we are encouraged by a nice uptick in our cybersecurity sales activity in the fourth quarter,” commented Ordan Trabelsi, SuperCom’s President and CEO.

Safend Protector controls endpoint devices and data flow by automatically detecting, permitting, restricting files and encrypting external media devices. Safend Protector is intuitive and complies with major international standards.

Providing transparent full-disc data encryption, Safend Encryptor offers at-a-click company-wide data security. Requiring negligible IT maintenance, Safend Encryptor balances employee productivity with computer performance without interfering with daily activities.

Safend is a leading developer of information security solutions for organizations that provide extensive protection of sensitive corporate information found in the computers of the organization. Safend’s product suite includes encryption of computer drives, removable storage devices and CD / DVD precise control over the physical and wireless ports and devices connected to them, and control and supervision of the placement and transfer of sensitive content. These capabilities enable customers of Safend to comply with regulatory mandates and to protect their corporate data without sacrificing the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Safend has sold more than 3 million licenses for its products to over 3,000 customers worldwide. The company’s solutions are embedded in international companies, government agencies and many other organizations around the world.

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📉 SPCB Stock Technical Analysis

Spcb Stock

The short-term trend is negative, as is the long-term trend. SPCB is one of the lesser performing stocks in the Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components industry. 85% of 120 stocks in the same industry do better. SPCB is currently trading near the lower end of its 52-week range, which is not a good sign considering that the S&P500 Index is currently trading near new 52 week highs. There is a support at 0.52 from a trend line in the daily time frame. The technical rating of SPCB is bad and it also does not present a quality setup at the moment. Prices have been extended to the upside lately. For a nice entry it is better to wait for a consolidation. Click here to sign up for email alerts on when SPCB stock consolidates and is a good entry.

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