It was a touch day for public sector unions today after the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision for Janus v. AFSCME that nonunion employees cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions. These fees, deemed as “fair share fees”, were collected as the unions believed that those who benefited from their efforts should also have to contribute. However, the Supreme Court ruled that this is not a compelling interest and noted there are many instances where individuals may benefit from policies that they did not contribute to. Labor
activists and unions denounced the rulings, with some speculating that many unions will be shut down as their survival was dependent upon the collection of these fees.

Liberal Professors in Universities across the country will claim that President Trump is to blame for this ruling and that he’s evil because Unions are so good and gave us the 5 day work week and 8 hour work day.

Unions did not create the 5 day work week or 8 hour work day, Henry Ford did.

The truth is that Unions reduce the number of available jobs and hurt the U.S. economy, while concentrating wealth. In the video below, I explain the microeconomics of Union wages.


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