Didn’t the whole presentation by Israel that Iran was working on a nuclear weapons program seem sort of weird? It was hyped as some big presentation from Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu but actually was a cheap looking powerpoint presentation showing old pictures of the Iran nuclear program long before any deal was struck with the U.S. and the EU. The idea that the powerpoint presentation was proof that Iran was still working on a nuclear weapons program seemed sort of manufactured. Then right after Israel gives the presentation, the U.S. announces that it’s ending the Iran Nuclear deal. It just all seemed sort of manufactured.

Most of the locations struck this evening by Israel are not Iranian, they are Syrian military locations or bases or air defense battalions. Locations with the heaviest Iranian presence weren't even targeted.Then, right after the U.S. said it would no longer honor the Iran Nuclear deal, Israel launches attacks on military sites in Syria. Now the mainstream media is reporting that Israel struck Iran military locations inside Syria but the word on the street is that this is a lie and that mostly Syrian military locations were hit.

Israel, the U.S., and Saudi Arabia have formed an alliance to wage war across the Middle East. What most people don’t know is that Israel did not hit Iran bases inside Syria but instead Syrian bases.

So Syria hit back against Israel, firing some 20 rockets at Israeli army posts in the Golan Heights. Iran confirmed that Syria was the one that launched the missiles at Israel in self-defense. However, the lying mainstream media reports that Iran launched the 20 rockets.

The White House ignores Iran’s statement that it didn’t fire the missiles, and condemns Iran saying it “bears full responsibility for the consequences of its reckless action.”

So now Israel launches a full scale bombing of all Syrian military bases across the country, killing many Syrians and Iranians.
It’s clear that the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia want to overthrow the Syrian government and put in a new regime that’s sympathetic to Saudi Arabia and will allow oil pipelines put in. This alliance also wants to go to war with Iran. Germany, Britain and France joined the U.S. in condemning Iran rocket attacks, saying that Israel, despite being an occupying force in the Golan Heights, and despite carrying out scores of missile strikes against Syria, “has every right to defend itself.”

The U.S. is using Israel to take out Syrian military bases, under the fake guise that it’s striking Iran forces inside of Syria. In exchange, Israel and Saudi Arabia are using the U.S. to go after Iran. Trump tried striking Syria directly but faced massive backlash from his supporters and so, he’s using Israel to do what he’s wanted to do all along. Israel can’t strike Iran directly and so it’s using the U.S. The sequence of events that have taken place have all been planned out.

What makes this really dangerous is that the mainsteam media, instead of being critical about Israel’s powerpoint presentation, and Israel launching the first attack at Syria, instead, the mainstream media spins this as Israel has the right to defend itself from attacks from Syria, Iran or any other country or group it attacks, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, but no one has the right to strike back against Israel. That’s propaganda in its ugliest form folks and its purpose is to convince the public of the legitimacy and righteousness of government actions so that the public, like animals, are fired up and willing to be drafted and to die for the legitimate and righteous actions of its government.

Syria and the Middle East is not an America First agenda. Trump is leading this country into war which is the exact opposite of America First. It’s putting Israel first, Saudi Arabia first, Syria first, the Middle East first. Trump said he would get us out of Syria and most other countries. He even floated the idea of Japan having its own nuclear arsenal so it could defend itself but that wasn’t very popular and so he backed away from that. Trump is not getting us out of the Middle East. He’s taking actions that are getting us further involved in the Middle East. He’s setting the groundwork for another group to retaliate on American soil, another 911 type of attack. Now it makes sense why he wants to secure our borders and limit immigration. He knows that his plan of restructuring the Middle East is going to make the U.S. a target for retaliation attacks.

The alliance formed between Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh to significantly weaken Iranian influence in the Middle East, is escalating military conflicts across the Middle East.

Trump has put more economic sanctions on Iran. Trump also said, “Any nation that helps Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned.” That was a not so gentle hint towards Russia.

Oil prices, which were down before Trump’s Iran Nuclear deal announcement, but spiked the day after, hitting the highest level since 2014. But wait. I thought Trump was Twitter Trolling OPEC for cutting back production and keeping oil prices high? I guess we now know why Trump was bothered about high oil prices. He already was given the plan by his generals and the CIA of Israel’s powerpoint presentation, then he would pull out of the Iran Nuclear deal, then Israel would strike military bases inside Syria. He knew that these actions would push the price of oil higher so that’s why he was trolling OPEC for pushing the price of oil higher.

Price of oil rising.

Higher oil prices means higher cost-push inflation. The Federal Reserve will keep increasing rates to combat cost-push inflation which is a very bad idea. This will push the U.S. dollar up, and stocks lower. Retail sales will decrease as consumers, already holding over $13 trillion in debt, will be spending more on gas. In fact, gasoline futures hit a 4 year high on Friday, May 11, 2018.

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