Public Infrastructure Disaster as Sewage Becomes Chemical Attack

public infrastructurePublic infrastructure is so bad that Border Patrol agents have been sent to the hospital suffering rashes from sewage seeping out of Mexico and into Southern California according to a report in the Washington Times (link above).

Mexico released 330,000 gallons of wastewater into the U.S. via the Tijuana River which amounts to a chemical attack against Border Patrol agents.

Was this just an accident? Mexico says it was. The timing of this so called “accident” is highly suspicious when it occurs precisely at a time when US and Mexico relations are the worst they have been in decades. But if you think this is only something that could happen in Mexico, think again.

Public Infrastructure Spending on Sewage and Waste Disposal

The U.S. is broke and government receipts from tax payers have plunged. As a result, spending on sewage and waste disposal is in free-fall.

Infrastructure Spending Crisis

Spending on sewage and waste disposal has plunged -23.5%. Civil engineers have been warning us for years that our public infrastructure is in desperate need of a major investment to fix failing wastewater facilities.

According to the 2017 report card released by the American Society of Civil Engineers, U.S. infrastructure earned a D , meaning it’s “poor and at risk” due to chronic under investment.

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