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NVDA Stock Could Move 40% Higher Over Next Couple of Years



Investing In Ford Autonomous Driving Research



More Evidence Tech Pullback Is Just Reversion To Mean


The sell-off in technology is more about market reversion to the mean than it is indicative of some gloom and doom scenario where technology stocks lead the rest of the market lower. Credit Suisse just released a report to clients where they are neutral to slightly cautious on technology stocks for the next 3 months, Read More »

Can I Just Say It, Autonomous Driving Is Stupid To Average Consumers


Autonomous driving is dumb. In my surveys of asking family members and friends, there’s a whole ZERO percent interest in autonomous self-driving cars. Most Americans don’t even want a chip on a credit card let alone a car that drives itself. Technology companies think they are smarter than consumers. Tech companies believe that once they Read More »

What The Trump Win Means For Multinational Corporations


I predict that a Trump win means down for the economy at first, then upward as the US consumer strengthens from domestic job growth. The down first move in the economy will come from inefficiencies caused by forcing multinational corporations to bring domestic production facilities back to the US or face steep tariffs. Several traders Read More »

Rising Wages and Rise of the Machines


As wages rise, more and more business owners are turning to machines instead of human labor. President Obama and Democrats have spent the last 8 years replacing high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector with low-paying jobs in the services and health care sectors. But in all fairness, both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for Read More »