Is Ionis Pharmaceuticals Stock Ready To Explode Higher?

The chart of Ionis Pharmaceuticals doesn’t look like much but the fundamentals show eye-popping revenue growth.

Will 2018 be the year that Ionis Pharmaceuticals' stock explodes higher?

Ablynx Stock Explodes Higher As Large Players Volume Rises

Ablynx stock is a late-stage clinical development company that is finally going to bring a product to market in Germany in 2018.


  • 2018 is the year that Ablynx brings Caplacizumab to market in Germany.
  • Novo Nordisk made an unsolicited bid for the company that was rejected.
  • Large players volume and the Twiggs Money Flow are surging higher.
  • Ampliphi Biosciences Stock 770% Upside From Current Price

    Ampliphi Biosciences stock has rising large players volume after the company released incredible phase 1 trial results from their phage therapy cure for antibiotic resistant superbugs.


  • Antibiotic resistant superbugs are on the rise killing more than 23,000 Americans each year.
  • By 2050, 10 million people will die each year from infections that are curable today like ear and paper-cut infections.
  • Phage therapy can kill superbugs but still needs lots of work and FDA approval.
  • Ampliphi Biosciences is conducting several phage therapy clinical trials in 2018.
  • Large players volume is rising in Ampliphi Biosciences stock after incredible clinical trial data was released in early January 2018.
  • Immunomedics Stock Pulling Back On Rising Large Players Volume

    Immunomedics stock chart shows rising large players volume while the stock pulls back. This positive divergence suggests large players are buying on pullbacks.


  • Immunomedics stock chart shows rising large players volume even while the stock pulls back.
  • Sacituzumab govitecan is a blockbuster drug with excellent Phase 2 trial data that caused Immunomedics stock to explode higher in early December 2017.
  • Both institutional traders and insiders are accumulating shares.
  • Add to watch list and stalk for a candle over candle entry.
  • Hearing Rumors Gilead Is Looking To Acquire Galapagos Stock

    Galapagos stock could be an attractive acquisition for Gilead, so as the rumors go.

    Rumors are circulating that Gilead is looking at acquiring Galapagos stock. The source of the rumors appears to be coming from this article.

    Galapagos stock could be an attractive acquisition target for Gilead. The two companies already have an existing relationship with filgotinib. Recently Galapagos exercised a co-promotion option with Gilead, sharing profits in a number of countries inside and outside of Europe. Gilead may just decide it wants the whole company. Why?

    Galectin Therapeutics Stock Swing Long Chart Setup

    Galectin Therapeutics stock is a completely technical play on an oversold chart setup. This is a quick swing move up gambit as the company reports Phase 2b top-line data.

    Galectin Therapeutics stock looks like a compelling swing long setup on the chart. The gambit is a bounce off its 200 day moving average support.

    Aeterna Zentaris Rising Large Players Volume On PDUFA Play

    Aeterna Zentaris stock is a short-term play on the PDUFA date of December 30, 2017. The gambit is that the company will get FDA approval of Macrilen.

    Aeterna Zentaris stock has rising large players volume as the PDUFA date of December 30, 2017 fast approaches.

    Incyte Corporation Rising Large Players Volume in Ascending Triangle

    Incyte Corporation stock has rising large players volume in an Ascending Triangle pattern. The large players volume rising while Incyte has been consolidating is a bullish pattern.