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Bitcoin bubble compared with the largest bubbles in recorded history.

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Bubble Fueled By Standpoint Research Price Target Hike


The Bitcoin bubble is second only to the Tulip bubble. The current digital currency bubble is the second biggest bubble in recorded history.

Top Weekend News Stories November 11 – 12, 2017


The top news stories this weekend from stocks on the GuerillaStockTrading watch list. Apple Inc. (AAPL) (11/12) Top Ten: Weekend roundup: Valeant’s earnings games | Tesla’s junk | How Apple stashes cash – Here are MarketWatch articles to read this weekend. (11/11) 3 Things I Like About the Apple iPhone X – No home button. […]

Bitcoin Forks Into Two Currencies As Coinbase Disables Withdrawals


Bitcoin has split into two digital currencies, the old bitcoin and the new bitcoin cash. Digital currency miners and developers could not reach an agreement and so now there are two bitcoin currencies. Bitcoin Forks The new bitcoin currency called Bitcoin Cash has all the characteristics of bitcoin but with the added advantage of a […]

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Are You Trading In Your Comfort Zone?


Taking money from other people is a hard skill, particularly when everyone is trying to take money from you… Is your comfort zone holding you back as a trader? As James Altucher told me, it doesn’t matter what age you are: 20, 40, 60 or 80: you improve and enjoy life when you dive into […]

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Yellen Bitcoin Trolled In Testimony Before Congress


Yellen got bitcoin trolled in her testimony before Congress. A man held up a “Buy Bitcoin” sign in back of Yellen as she was speaking. The unidentified bitcoin troll, whose stunt was visible on television, was removed from the hearing room. Holding up a sign violates the House committee’s rules. I created the bitcoin meme […]

Stock Market News Update

Stock Market News Update For Week of June 12 2017


In this week’s stock market news update Lance talks about the Comey testimony, the huge 40% win in bitcoin in less than a week, and the Federal Reserve’s likely hike of interest rates next week. Stock Market News Update – All Eyes On Fed Meeting Next Week The Twiggs Money Flow looks weak on all […]

How To Sell Bitcoins

How To Sell Bitcoins Using Your Brokerage Account


A huge advantage to holding the bitcoin fund GBTC is that you don’t have to search for how to sell bitcoins as you can sell out of the digital currency using your brokerage account like any other trade. How To Sell Bitcoins Like I Just Did I closed out of my long GBTC trade today […]

Bitcoin Value Surging Higher After Britain Offers Pension Funds Access


Bitcoin value is rising fast after Britain’s largest online trading platform, Hargreaves Lansdown, allows its customers to invest in bitcoin, according to the Telegraph (link above). There are so many amazing things going on that are raising bitcoin value. Bitcoin Value Up On Swedish ETN Hargreaves Landsown is providing this service via a Swedish based […]

Buy Bitcoin Instantly It’s Not In a Bubble


My favorite way to buy bitcoin instantly is in OTCBB ticker GBTC and I hold it in my personal trading account. I’ve probably responded to at least a dozen questions recently on if I think bitcoin is in a bubble. My answer is no, bitcoin is not in a bubble. Just today we have more […]

How High Bitcoin Go 2017 Many Say $10,000

How High Bitcoin Go 2017, Many Say $10,000


Everyone wants to know how high can bitcoin will go in 2017 after the internet bubble like appreciation over the last few months. The search phrase how high bitcoin go 2017 has exploded higher over the last week. So many people are still bashing bitcoin (BTC) today. I use to be a basher. I was […]