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GOP Fake Trump Email Being Critical of Fake News


I got this fake Trump email in my inbox today from the Republican party. First, read the email supposedly from President Trump and then I’ll explain why it’s fake. Note: Every CONTRIBUTE word below is actually a button in the email that links to a Republican website for processing donations. Fake Trump Republican Email Blast Read More »

Trump Investigation Meme

Trump Investigation But Where’s the Investigation Into Democrats?


Democrats and the mainstream media are now pushing for the Trump investigation to divert to his son-in-law Jared Kushner because he bought part of the old New York Times building from a Soviet-born tycoon Lev Leviev. Like I told you, Robert Mueller as former head of the FBI, is not impartial. He’s part of the Read More »

CNN Admits Trump Russia Stories Are Fake News, All About Ratings


A CNN producer is caught on hidden camera admitting that so called “news” about Russia ties to the Trump Administration are fake news and are really all about ratings. I said months ago on a Saturday show that the whole Russia thing was fake news. Either a real stupid YouTuber or a democrat operative posted Read More »

Maxine Waters Employment Disclosure Reveals Ties To Russia


Maxine Waters went on Democrat controlled media outlets to champion the idea that Trump should be impeached because of his ties to Russia but Maxine Waters employment disclosure reveals she has ties of her own that she doesn’t want to talk about. Maxine Waters has done speeches calling for the impeachment of President Trump on Read More »

Trump Under Investigation by the FBI, Oh No He Wasn’t!


There were a few key revelations in today’s testimony by Comey but the one that’s unbelievable is the fake news story of Trump under investigation by the FBI. We now know that President Trump was never under investigation! What?! Trump Under Investigation by the FBI… Not True! The entire argument of the Democrat controlled mainstream Read More »

James Comey Drama

James Comey Save the Drama For Your Mama


Listening to James Comey testify before Congress, something clear emerged: what a drama queen! Even the Democrat globalist controlled CNN (link above) wrote an article that lacks in credible new information or smoking gun. James Comey Drama Comey admitted that when he was asked by the President to remain behind after a meeting of White Read More »

Ivana Trump and Jared Kushner Russian Spies Says MSNBC


Ivana, Donald’s first wife, was born in Czechoslovakia so she must be a Russian spy. That’s about how crazy the globalist controlled corporate media is in the U.S. right now. MSNBC is putting out fake news, along with CNN, that Jared Kushner is a Russian spy. No I’m not joking. Watch the shocking fake news Read More »

China Trade: Measuring Perception or Manipulating Perception


Gallup released the results of a poll that shows 72% of Americans see foreign trade as an opportunity for economic growth. The mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, The New York Times) and those of the Democrat and Republican establishments have not educated the public about what China has done to our country. The Read More »

Guess Who Is On Trump’s Economic Team, SWEET!


Do you remember when the WSJ, CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Reuters ran stories at the start of the year about how no one even knows who was advising Trump on economic matters? They even went as far to say that Trump had no support of any economists. That never sat right Read More »

Mainstream Media Hyping Gasoline Savings Again


I just can’t get behind the idea that consumers are saving so much money at the pump that it’s going to be a boom for consumer spending. Savings at the pump boosting consumer spending is the same claim that the mainstream financial media has made for the last two years. The Wall Street Journal writesopens Read More »

Black Lives Matter Horror Coming To A City Near You


A Black Lives Matter protest is coming to a city near you. You should be afraid. Civil unrest is on the rise in America. In Dallas, Texas last week, African-American snipers killed five Caucasian police officers protecting protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally. The African-American gunmen were angry with how many Caucasian cops kill Read More »