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In this lesson on day trading, you will learn what the best stock screener for day trading is. You will also see how over 450 day traders find the best day trading stock picks using an intraday stock screener. If you want to learn to day trade for a living, Jason Bond Picks has a […]

Best Day Trading Software Strategies


The best day trading software, hands down, is E-Trade Pro. Folks, it blows away Scottrade and even TDAmeritrade in my opinion. I’ve seen more people quit their day job and trade at home for a living using E-Trade Pro than any other software platform. Day trading software alone is not going to automatically make you […]

Day Trading Gaps Secret To Skyrocket Your Stock Trading


A gap is a change in price levels between the close and open of two consecutive days. A gap up open occurs when the opening price is greater than the previous day’s closing price. A gap down occurs when the opening price is lower than the previous day’s closing price. Several things can cause gap […]

Day Trading Strategies and Making $20,000 In a Single Day!


Strategies for day trading mean that a stock is bought and sold within the same day. Day traders take a large amount of money and profit off of small price movements. In this lesson you will learn a couple of day trading strategies that work and then you will see how a top day trader […]

Day Trading Stocks and Making $10,000 A Week


Day trading stocks for a living is possible even in today’s environment. Most people think that making $10,000 in a week using day trading strategies is something that probably hasn’t happened for most people since 1999 and the dot com days. Most people are wrong. In the video below, you’ll see a trader that made […]

Avoiding Common Trading Mistakes

Stock Trading Tips

Thinking of breaking into the day trading industry? Before you dive into the super-competitive waters, arm yourself with an array of tips and tricks that will help you hit the ground running. If you're not sure where to begin, check out the three tips below on how to get your day-trading skills going: 1. Ask […]

Day Trading: Do Your Homework First


Thinking of breaking into the day trading industry? If you're sitting at your desk and dreaming about how you can make money as a day trader, realize that though your dream is an achievable one. It isn't something to be taken lightly. Just because you've always been good with numbers and feel like you have […]

Day Trading Killer Tactic

When you enter into a trade early on in the day and the market keeps on moving in your favor, should you hold that trade overnight? What about over the weekend? Naturally, those questions only apply to money making trades. Booking a loss overnight is purely for amateurs. A newbie ought to close down his […]

Secret To Cracking The Timeframe Dilemma

Struggling trader, you’re about to learn the hidden secret to understanding different timeframes. By the time you’ve read this short article, you’ll have a whole new world in front of you… A world of vastly improved timing and squeezing more profits out of all your trades. All new traders struggle with timeframes. I know some […]

What are the rules on day trading in a futures account?

I was wondering what the rules are on day trading in a futures account. I know that I need to have at least $25,000 in my account to day trade stocks. Does this same rule apply for a futures account? No. Some brokerage companies require as little as $500 to trade futures. Check out the […]