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US National Debt Passes $20.4 Trillion


The US national debt has now passed $20.4 trillion. Below is a brief US national debt history covering 20 years of government rule from 1993 to 2013. US National Debt By Year 2009 = $11.9 trillion 2010 = $13.5 trillion 2011 = $14.8 trillion 2012 = $16.1 trillion 2013 = $17.2 trillion 2014 = $17.8 Read More »

Assured Guaranty stock chart

Assured Guaranty Oversold, Gets Buy Rating From MKM Partners



Debt Ceiling and Peter Schiff vs Trump


Peter Schiff is using the latest news about an attempt to end the debt ceiling as a way to promote his long gold positions: Source: Peter Schiff YouTube Of course Schiff works in the gold promotion industry and so it’s not surprising to hear all the ways Schiff interprets the news as being good for Read More »

Jim Rogers Doom Predictions Are Nothing New


Jim Rogers recently claimed that he was expecting the worst market crash in modern times to hit within the next two years. Mainstream and alternative news sites are acting as if what Jim said is really alarming. It’s not. Jim Rogers said the next time we have an economic problem in the US it’s going Read More »

Stock Market Correction

You Haven’t Seen This Stock Market Correction Logic on Bloomberg


You will not see this stock market correction logic from AMTV (link above) in the mainstream financial media. Christopher Greene thinks that a stock market crash of a lifetime is coming soon. We are in a bubble today that is far worse than the technology bubble in 1999 and the real estate bubble in 2007. Read More »

China Debt Backed By Ghost Collateral


Lots of China debt is not backed by collateral even though accounting records and bank records show the debt is backed by collateral according to a new report by Reuters (link above). When a Chinese bank makes a loan, auditors will go to a site to make sure that the collateral is there. The problem Read More »

Saudi Arabia Bond – Fat Chance You Oil Pumping Sharks


Saudi Arabia is now offering an international bond that yields 4.6%. The WSJ writes… The $6.5 billion 30-year portion of Saudi Arabia’s bond is set to pay 2.1 percentage points more in yield than a comparable U.S. Treasury, or around 4.6%. That is a sizeable pickup in a world where developed-market Read More »

With So Much Debt In the US Economy, Is It Even Possible To Grow Faster?


The US national debt just broke above $19.5 trillion. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame, but it is important to note that President Obama and Democrats increased the national debt more than all President’s before combined. George Bush exploded the national debt by $3 trillion in response to an imploding economy and 911. Obama Read More »

Warning Sign: US Auto Loan Delinquencies Rising


There is $1.103 trillion in outstanding auto loan debt in the US which is the highest level ever recorded. We know that the economy has been slowing for a few years now so how could so many people still be taking out auto loans? If we overlay auto sales and auto loan debt, we learn Read More »

Oil and Gas Company Default Rates Surge Higher


Watch out for investing in high yield corporate debt. U.S. default rates are surging higher and breaking away from the rest of the world. The U.S. has more oil and gas firms that are financed by the high yield bond market than anywhere else on the planet. The S&P calls these oil and gas companies Read More »

Traders Remember David Hume, It’s Not All Yellen


I’ve been asking traders what causes low-interest rates. The consensus is that the Federal Reserve is what causes low-interest rates. That is not entirely true and believing that could be harmful to your trading account. Some 250 years ago, David Hume was the very first economist to explain what causes low-interest rates. The three things Read More »

Countries Dump U.S. Debt At Record Pace


In 2016, foreign countries have dumped a shocking $192 billion worth of U.S. Treasury bonds. This dumping of bonds is the biggest selloff of U.S. debt since 1978. China, Japan, France, Brazil and Colombia are the leading countries that are dumping U.S. debt. U.S. Treasury bonds are the safest investments in the world. Countries often Read More »