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Debt Ceiling and Peter Schiff vs Trump


Peter Schiff is using the latest news about an attempt to end the debt ceiling as a way to promote his long gold positions: Source: Peter Schiff YouTube Of course Schiff works in the gold promotion industry and so it’s not surprising to hear all the ways Schiff interprets the news as being good for Read More »

Destroy Trump Establishment Media Continues Propaganda


The ‘Destroy Trump’ establishment media propaganda machine continues to attack President Trump while quietly not reporting on how the left is destroying America’s heritage and history. In an unprecedented push to change the history of America, left-leaning groups and Democrat politicians are literally destroying statues of American history across this country. Reality check: the civil Read More »

Democrats Shutdown Senate Russia Investigation, Not a Surprise


Democrats have abruptly shutdown a Russia Senate investigation panel. I wrote that this was a likely outcome of Republicans calling for an investigation into Democrats here. Democrats do not want an investigation into Hillary Clinton and the money she accepts from Russia through the Clinton Foundation nor the big tech companies that got work inside Read More »

Trump Investigation Meme

Trump Investigation But Where’s the Investigation Into Democrats?


Democrats and the mainstream media are now pushing for the Trump investigation to divert to his son-in-law Jared Kushner because he bought part of the old New York Times building from a Soviet-born tycoon Lev Leviev. Like I told you, Robert Mueller as former head of the FBI, is not impartial. He’s part of the Read More »

Republicans Moving Forward On Health Care Reform


Republicans are moving on a health care reform bill while Democrats in the Senate like Bernie Sanders say it won’t see the light of day before they even know what it is according to a report on Market Watch (link above). I find that exceedingly rich that Democrats who secretly worked their own health care Read More »

Trump Under Investigation by the FBI, Oh No He Wasn’t!


There were a few key revelations in today’s testimony by Comey but the one that’s unbelievable is the fake news story of Trump under investigation by the FBI. We now know that President Trump was never under investigation! What?! Trump Under Investigation by the FBI… Not True! The entire argument of the Democrat controlled mainstream Read More »

James Comey Drama

James Comey Save the Drama For Your Mama


Listening to James Comey testify before Congress, something clear emerged: what a drama queen! Even the Democrat globalist controlled CNN (link above) wrote an article that lacks in credible new information or smoking gun. James Comey Drama Comey admitted that when he was asked by the President to remain behind after a meeting of White Read More »

John Kerry Compares Trump to OJ Simpson


On Sunday, John Kerry went on the Democrat globalist controlled NBC and “Meet the Press,” and compared President Trump to OJ Simpson (link above). John Kerry cited “lack of opportunity” as one of the reasons why terrorist attacks are happening in the UK. No joke. Check it out. Sofi AI Market Sentiment GaugeMarket is overbought.

Effects of Climate Change, Who Cares? Trump Pulls US Out


President Trump has honored his campaign promise to pull the US out of these globalist run bureaucracies that tax Americans in the name of bad effects of climate change (see Washington Post link above). You go honeybadger Trump! Trump supporters finally have something to be happy about again. Effects of Climate Change, Who Cares? We Read More »

Ivana Trump and Jared Kushner Russian Spies Says MSNBC


Ivana, Donald’s first wife, was born in Czechoslovakia so she must be a Russian spy. That’s about how crazy the globalist controlled corporate media is in the U.S. right now. MSNBC is putting out fake news, along with CNN, that Jared Kushner is a Russian spy. No I’m not joking. Watch the shocking fake news Read More »

China Seeking To Buy US Stock Market In Huge Proof Of Corruption


The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) just did the unthinkable last week by deciding there are “no unresolved national security concerns” over the deal to sell the 134-year-old Chicago Stock Exchange to the Chinese. Every common red-blooded American knows that selling the Chicago Stock Exchange to the Chinese represents the largest Read More »

Biotechnology Won Big On Election Night Here’s Why


Hillary Clinton and Democrats promised to wage war on pharmaceutical companies and do things like price controls on drugs and products of the biotechnology industry. In California, there was a ballot measure to impose price controls on the sale of pharmaceutical drugs in the state. Both Hillary Clinton’s probability of winning, and California’s ballot measure Read More »