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Stock Market Bubble Prediction News… NOT!


It’s funny how the same contrarians who said the stock market was going to crash because it was in a bubble back in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, are still saying the same thing today. Seriously, there are no contrarians still left today that trade. This 8 year bull market has killed them Read More »

Stock Market Correction

You Haven’t Seen This Stock Market Correction Logic on Bloomberg


You will not see this stock market correction logic from AMTV (link above) in the mainstream financial media. Christopher Greene thinks that a stock market crash of a lifetime is coming soon. We are in a bubble today that is far worse than the technology bubble in 1999 and the real estate bubble in 2007. Read More »

Stock Market Bubble

Stock Market Bubble, Bubble Everything


Most investors and traders believe there is a stock market bubble right now but in a new Keiser Report (link above) Max Keiser makes a powerful argument that everything is in a bubble. The economics of supply and demand are not what’s driving the market higher. Stock Market Bubble Central banks bought $15 trillion worth Read More »

2017 Economic Collapse Stock Market Crash Dancing With The Devil


Bring Insight makes the argument that anyone currently invested in the Stock Market is Dancing with the Devil. Bright Insight said, “The Stock Market closed at its HIGHEST LEVELS EVER! This is actually not a good thing, as the bubble is going to pop sooner rather than later – and crash incredibly hard. It is Read More »

3% GDP Growth For Q3 – What a Not Funny Joke


Both the Fed and Wall Street analysts are forecasting a 3% GDP growth rate for Q3. After yesterday’s release of many economic reports, I would put the GDP growth rate for Q3 at 1.5% at most. Let’s look at yesterday’s economic releases on the charts. The NY Empire manufacturing index came in at -2%. That Read More »