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Bluebird Bio Stock Strong Uptrend On Buy Ratings


While Bluebird Bio stock doesn’t look like a good entry right now, they are advancing a CAR T treatment that looks extremely promising.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results From Phase 3 TONES 3 and TONES 4



CRISPR’s Brave New World


Just a handful of technologies deserve to be called “game changers”—and CRISPR-Cas9, the new gene-editing tool, is one of them. Discovered just three years ago, CRISPR is sweeping through labs around the world and researchers are already using it to experiment on diseases like cancer and AIDS, engineer new sources of clean energy, and create Read More »

Dr. Kevin Folta – “Skepticism, Evidence, and Crop Biotechnology”


Excellent presentation by Dr. Kevin Folta on biotechnology and GMO foods. Dr Folta makes the connection that humans have been genetically modifying things for hundreds of years and he uses the common dog and cat as an example. Basically Dr. Folta’s presentation breaks down to the idea that a lot of people need to take Read More »