Bluebird Bio Stock Strong Uptrend On Buy Ratings

While Bluebird Bio stock doesn’t look like a good entry right now, they are advancing a CAR T treatment that looks extremely promising.


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Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results From Phase 3 TONES 3 and TONES 4


The Computer and Technology portfolio is up more than 440% in the last 6 months! Get these stock picks and more by signing up for the premium service.

CRISPR’s Brave New World

Just a handful of technologies deserve to be called “game changers”—and CRISPR-Cas9, the new gene-editing tool, is one of them. Discovered just three years ago, CRISPR is sweeping through labs around the world and researchers are already using it to experiment on diseases like cancer and AIDS, engineer new sources of clean energy, and create hardier plants and animals with the goal of wiping out world hunger. This Salon gathers bioengineers and medical researchers to take a hard look at the monumental changes hovering on the horizon.

Salon: Game Change – CRISPR’s Brave New World

The Big Ideas Series is supported in part by the John Templeton Foundation. Additional support provided by The Jackson Laboratory.

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Original Program Date: June 4, 2016
MODERATOR: Robert Benezra
PARTICIPANTS: Ellen Jorgensen, Ben Matthews, Neville Sanjana, Jacob S. Sherkow, Stephen Tsang

Robert Benezra Introduction 00:05

Participant Introductions 00:57

How was CRISPR discovered? 3:31

Is it surprising how quickly CRISPR has been embraced? 8:34

What are the significant ways scientists are using CRISPR? 12:25

Do we want to manipulate the human genome? 22:50

What are the ethics that come with CRISPR? 30:17

How would we release a gene drive into the world 35:22

The first retinal gene therapy trial 41:44

Can CRISPR be used to replace dopaminergic neurons? 49:07

As CRISPR becomes more available could it suffer from under or over regulation? 1:00:47

How much can CRISPR cost? 1:06:25

Will CRISPR be the breakthrough for treating disorders? 1:17:36

Dr. Kevin Folta – “Skepticism, Evidence, and Crop Biotechnology”

Excellent presentation by Dr. Kevin Folta on biotechnology and GMO foods. Dr Folta makes the connection that humans have been genetically modifying things for hundreds of years and he uses the common dog and cat as an example. Basically Dr. Folta’s presentation breaks down to the idea that a lot of people need to take a chill-pill when it comes to freaking out about GMO foods.

Dr. Kevin Folta – “Skepticism, Evidence, and Crop Biotechnology”

As presented at Darwin on the Palouse 2017. Human history has been a perennial battle against food scarcity and under-nutrition. Today’s modern technologies, led by plant genetic improvement, have provided sustained food security. Some of these technologies implement recombinant DNA technology, commonly known as genetic engineering. These new genetic technologies allow farmers to produce record yields with fewer impacts on the environment. However, these same technologies are often maligned and misrepresented by a well-funded and deceptive movement that uses soft scientific claims, misrepresentation of the literature, manufactured risk, fear, and blatant misinformation to promote their cause.

Dr. Folta will explain the contemporary food war, an unfortunate fight playing out at the intersection of science and food, with impacts on farmers, the environment, consumers and the poverty stricken.

Dr. Folta is the Chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, overseeing teaching, research and extension efforts of more than 50 leading faculty.